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IFDH President's Report

November 2018

Robyn Watson

IFDH Has Been Busy & More to Come!

ISDH Australia Fast Approaching! Are You Ready?

The IFDH Board of Directors continues to work with the DHAA for the ISDH 2019 in Brisbane, Australia. We are delighted that we have committed support for all the major sponsorship levels from our generous sponsors. They are now listed on both ISDH and IFDH websites The Exhibition booth space is already 50% sold out so we look forward to a busy exhibition.

The ISDH presentation program is in the final stages and will be released soon. But rest assured, that we will have a breadth of speakers and presentations from around the world!

ISDH Sunrise Registration to End Soon: If you haven’t yet registered for the ISDH 2019 please remember that the lower registration rate - Sunrise - expires on November 30th, so be sure to register before that expires.

HoD Business Meeting - August 12-14, 2019

An email was sent to our House of Delegates recently with detailed information and deadlines for:

  • Attendee Form
  • Request for VISA
  • Motions
  • Board Nominations
  • World Dental Hygienist Awards
  • Your Country Report

Have you selected your delegates to attend the meeting?

Country Updates

Please see the Member News in our email for many highlights, one of which, the Israeli Dental Hygiene Association had a very successful meeting hosting the Annual EDHF conference in Jerusalem. Congratulations to Sharon Friedman, Adele Slevach and the Israeli Association.


I was recently invited to Korea to speak about Dental Hygiene Education in Australia and New Zealand to the Korean Dental Hygiene Science Society, an organisation of academics in Korea. It was sad news to learn that Mrs. Kyun Sook Moon has resigned as President after many years of service to the KDHA. I have known Mrs Moon for many years as an IFDH delegate. She has dedicated her life to promoting dental hygiene in Korea and we will miss her dearly. The IFDH appreciates her many years of involvement, and wishes her well in the future.

Thank you Mel!

Sadly, we have also received the resignation of Dr. Melanie Hayes from the Chair of the IFDH Education and Research Committee, as the Dental Hygiene Association of Australia has changed their IFDH delegates. I want to thank Melanie for her hard work for IFDH, but we will see her in Brisbane, and continue to work with her and the Local Organising Committee to provide the international Symposium.

The ‘Chalky Teeth’ Campaign - D3 group.

The IFDH supports the D3 group research into Molar Hypomineralization. To learn more about this dental disease affecting many children a Colgate webinar is available soon. Note the date/time given on Colgate's website is for east coast USA (Tues 6th Nov 8 pm) alongside which is a converter to get your local time. It will also be available on demand afterwards for those unable to attend the live show (which includes poll and Q&A session).

Strategic Plan

The Board of Directors will be executing a comprehensive strategic planning process in January. The board has reviewed proposals and have chosen Peter Anas and his firm Anas Marketing & Management to be the facilitator. He and his company’s knowledge and experience with IFDH as well as oral health as a specialty - the history, the culture and the personalities - is most beneficial in this process. The finished product will be discussed during the HoD Business Meeting in Brisbane.

Looking forward to seeing you in Brisbane!

Robyn Watson RDH, BSc, MPA
President IFDH

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