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IFDH President's Report

October 2016

Dr Esther Wilkins

First I want to wish our beloved mentor and icon, Dr Esther Wilkins, a Happy 100th Birthday on Dec 9th from all the hygienists in the world! We hope this amazing lady has many more. Our Treasurer Mary Rose Boglione is shown at right giving Esther a birthday card from the Board.

The new IFDH Board of Directors has been working hard for the members since June, with two skype meetings and a 'face to face' meeting in Washington, DC in October. We were fortunate to have a dinner meeting with the 'Alliance for a Cavity Free Future' Chair, Nigel Pitts, on the evening of the first "World Cavity Free Day". We look forward to promoting and fully participating in this event next October to further our mutual goals of reduction of childhood caries on a global scale.

new member, the Philippines

HOD Minutes & Bylaws Updated
The House of Delegate Business Meeting Minutes along with the updated Bylaws, updated from the meeting, have been approved and are now on the secure section of our website.

Federation of Indian Dental Hygienists in Delhi

A Growing Membership
We welcome another new member, the Philippines, and I recently met with officers of the Federation of Indian Dental Hygienists in Delhi. Many of us were not aware that there have been Dental Hygienists in India for 30 years, now numbering 1800, so I am very happy to have met with them. They are very interested in becoming part of our global family and sent two representatives to the first International Dental Hygiene Seminar in Dubai.

A Continued Focus on Corporate Sponsors
A new sponsorship brochure has been prepared and sent out to encourage partnership with our sponsors and their participation in the ISDH in Korea. The Board is excited about this possibility and look forward to working with the KDHA to prepare for this event in 2019.

Social Responsibility Conference & Awards
The Board is preparing for the Social Responsibility Conference "Global Oral Health Strategy Session" in Florence, Italy in July 2017. If you have been participating in a Social Responsibility programme in your country, and would like to learn more about this, please contact your House of Delegates representative for further details. Also, please consider applying for the Social Responsibility Award, details on the IFDH website. Deadline is December 15th.

The Advanced Dental Leadership program is now offered online for dental hygienists/therapists and offers CPD credits through the World Public Health Association. This course is designed to equip dental professionals with leadership and advocacy skills to promote oral health programmes, and enhance private practice communication skills. This program will be provided free to all attendees at the SR 2017 Conference.

Research Grants & Project Grants Available
The IFDH still has a few research grants for dental hygiene students available, so please check the website for details. Deadline is December 15th. We also have toothbrushes and a grant available for your projects through the Every Child has a Toothbrush programme.

Our eNews Can Now be Translated!
Many have been very happy that our website has the ability to be translated into 90 languages. Now the same will be done for all of our eNewsletters! This will be great news for our non-English speaking delegates and countries!

The Board would like to take this opportunity to wish you Season Greetings and Happy New Year to all for the upcoming festive season.

Robyn Watson RDH, BSc, MPA
President IFDH

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