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IFDH President's Report

July 2018

Robyn Watson

Get Involved with a Vibrant IFDH - Membership, Programs & Symposium!

The IFDH Board of Directors recently met in Amsterdam at EuroPerio 9 for its Board meeting and also met with sponsors for our upcoming ISDH in Brisbane Australia in 2019. We had a very successful meeting and it was great to see our colleagues and sponsors at the conference.

We met with several sponsors and the interest from our potential sponsors has been very much appreciated. Most of our international sponsors are now committed to coming to ISDH Brisbane.

ISDH 2019
  1. Sunrise Registration is NOW OPEN on the Website
  2. WIN - Be sure and get your Koala for a chance at a complimentary registration, Gala dinner and three nights at the Rydges Hotel in Brisbane.

IFDH Social Responsibility Programs

The IFDH board is very pleased to announce that after our successful Social Responsibility Conference in Florence last July, we have 15 countries that have completed their Social Responsibility project templates with some very exciting projects. We look forward to the dedicated workshop at ISDH 2019 where progress on these projects will be presented. It is with much gratitude to our sponsors DentsplySirona, Colgate Palmolive and Glaxo Smith Klein who made this possible.

Reminders to Our Country Members

Start planning to ensure that your 2 Delegates attend the HoD Business Meeting, August 14-16 (more details will be coming later in the fall).

World Dental Hygiene Awards

The World Dental Hygiene Awards by the Sunstar Foundation are now open in 4 categories.

  1. Research
  2. Activity/project
  3. Student research
  4. Student activity/project

Entries will be accepted for the 2019 awards from January 2017 through 14th January 2019. Please refer to the website for further information and application.

Research Grants Available

The IFDH has Research Grants available up to $2000 US. Please refer to the website for more information. Deadline for next round is December 15th, 2018

Every Child has a Toothbrush program

We are listening to your feedback! The Board is in the process of simplifying the programme to make it more available to our member countries to access and participate in. We are aware that some countries have Scopes of Practice that do not allow the examination and treatment of children with/without supervision, so the changes will be reflected on the website when ready. Do still send in your applications if you want the $250 grant and toothbrushes for children in your community project.

Individual membership

For a very reasonable cost you can become an Individual member and receive the International Journal of Dental Hygiene and our eNews directly to your inbox as well as other benefits as described on the website.

Follow IFDH & Oral Health News on Social Media

Are you following our Facebook page? We also now have a Twitter account for those who like to Tweet! And remember to promote the IFDH programs to your members (with links below):

New Periodontal Classification

A new Periodontal disease classification was announced at EuroPerio 9:

         The new periodontitis classification acknowledges the importance of more than disease severity to best guide prevention and treatment of periodontal disease in our patients. At the same time there has been a successful and expansive clinical use of dental implants. We now recognize that some implants result in clinically observable loss of supporting bone, the new case definitions should provide guidance in monitoring peri-implant health and managing early sings of peri-implant disease.¹

         The proceedings of the World workshop on the classification of periodontal and peri-implant diseases have been published online as a special supplement of the EFPs scientific publication, the Journal of Clinical Periodontology and simultaneously in the AAP’s Journal of Periodontology²

         The EFP9 App is still available and has links to the programme and the above supplement.

ACFF World Oral Health Day Tool Kit

WCFF Day has been gaining momentum since its launch in 2016 and the ACFF this year is able to offer all partner organisations comprehensive advice and guidance on getting involved and sharing the cavity-free message.
To ensure that there is as much assistance available to you all as possible to help you to in your support of this ever growing initiative ACFF have created a ‘Toolkit’ file with guidance as to how to run an effective WCFF Day Campaign, and also provided links to the resources on their following website. Please join our partner ACFF in celebrating this day on the 14th of October. The day can be adjusted to your more suitable schedule that month if necessary.

Robyn Watson RDH, BSc, MPA
President IFDH

  1. Abstract, Programme EFP9
  2. A new classification scheme for periodontal and peri-implant diseases and conditions – Introduction and key changes from the 1999 classification. Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Vol 45, Issue S20, June 20, 2018; Caton, Armitage, Berglundh, Chapple, Jepsen, Kornman, Mealey, Papapanaou, Sanz, Tonetti

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