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IFDH President's Report

July 2016

Robyn Watson

First I would like to thank JoAnn Gurenlian for leading us for the last three years and guiding the IFDH Board through the lengthy U.S. incorporation/non-profit registration process and working with the Board to develop the new programmes that we have been working on. The IFDH has had a new look over the last three years incorporating some changes that the new Board will continue to develop.

Welcome the New Board (2016-19)

Secondly, I would like to express how much I am honoured to serve the IFDH as incoming President and I congratulate and look forward to working with the re-elected Board members:

  • Corrie Jongbloed(Netherlands) as President-Elect;
  • Wanda Fedora (Canada) as Vice President;
  • Mary Rose Pincelli Boglione (Italy) as Treasurer.

We welcome our newest board member from the UK, Michaela ONeill as Secretary. Thank you also to those nominees who put their names forward. It is very gratifying to see that our dental hygiene colleagues from around the world are keen to participate in the management of the organisation.

Discussion & Decisions make HOD Meeting a Success!

The House of Delegates meeting in Lucerne was a busy time, as always, and some significant changes were made. The House voted to reduce the time between the Symposiums from three to two years, to allow for more effective continuity, communication and networking. The next symposium will be in Seoul Korea in 2019 and after that it will occur every two years, with the 2021 Symposium held in Dublin, Ireland. Thank you also for the other countries who worked so hard on their bids - Australia and Italy - it was a difficult choice!

New IFDH Policy

The House also voted on a policy for the first time in IFDH history to state how we wish the members of the dental hygiene profession to be considered by the public and other organizations.

"The IFDH supports dental hygienists as health care professionals
who are key providers of primary oral health care
preventive and maintenance services.
Dental hygienists may work autonomously
and participate with interdisciplinary health care teams
to provide total health care to the public across the life span"

Social Responsibility Program Gets Off the Ground!

Professor Raman Bedi of the Global Child Dental Fund and Dr Alice Horowitz of the Horowitz Institute for Health Literacy presented to the HoD during our first workshop on Social Responsibility. The delegates are excited about this project and will be looking for team members to meet in Florence, Italy next July to attend a workshop to define a project in Childhood Caries Prevention to be taken back to each participating country. Outcomes will be defined and then presented at the symposium in Seoul. If you are interested in participating in this project please contact your IFDH country delegate.

Biggest IFDH Symposium (ISDH) Ever!

With 1700 participants, more than 60 exhibitors, numerous oral presentations and 81 posters, the 30th Anniversary ISDH symposium in Basel, Switzerland was a great success. The feedback from participants was very positive and thanks go to the Swiss organising committee for presenting such a professional symposium and social activities that were enjoyed by all.

Once again, Mayumi Kaneda of Sunstar Global presented the Sunstar Dental Hygienist Awards to some outstanding and well deserving colleagues at the Gala Dinner at St. Jacob Stadium.

Other awards were presented for the first time at the opening ceremony to deserving sponsors and colleagues who had contributed to the IFDH. Along with photos of many of these events, look for the video presentation prepared for the 30th Anniversary on the website. The IFDH Facebook page has further memories of this wonderful event.

New Goals Established by HOD

During the next three years I look forward to working on the goals established at the House of Delegates meeting to further enhance the profile of dental hygienists and to showcase the social responsibility projects that our international colleagues participate in and aspire to.

Finally, thank you to our sponsors for your ongoing support of the International Federation of Dental Hygiene. Your support is greatly appreciated and we look forward to working with you on our programmes and in preparation for the ISDH symposium in Seoul Korea in 2021.

Respectfully submitted

Robyn Watson, RDH, BSc, MPA
President IFDH

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