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President's Report to the House of Delegates

February 2014

É Sempre A Sorrir

Dear Colleagues:
I am pleased to report the following information concerning actions of the EC and Managing Director over this past quarter.

Ballot Results
The election results concerning registration in the U.S. received 33 votes: 31 in support and 2 votes opposed. We have thus begun the non-profit incorporation and U.S. federal government registration process with a U.S. attorney this month.

Membership Dues
All member country associations and current and past individual members were sent invoices for membership dues from our Central Office. Thank you to the 9 countries and 23 individuals who have paid their 2014 dues to date!

Constitution and Bylaws
The Constitution and Bylaws has been updated based on our actions taken at the HOD Meeting. This document can be found on the secure website. The Infrastructure Committee will be working on changes to the Standing Rules, Codes of Conduct, etc.

Sponsorship Prospectus and Marketing
Managing Director Peter Anas has assisted us in creating a new Sponsorship Prospectus (see attachment). This document is being utilized to secure financial support for IFDH related activities. If you have sponsorship contacts you wish us to pursue on behalf of the IFDH, please contact Peter directly.

In addition, the IFDH membership brochure has been updated, including country flags, new EC members, central office address, ISDH 2016, and goals. The PDF for this document is available on the secure website. Delegates are encouraged to print this document for their use in promoting the IFDH and encouraging membership.

GCD Fund Update
Our partnership with the Global Children Dental Fund continues to grow. We have been working together to create an announcement about a social responsibility project that will award money to a dental hygienist or dental hygiene student affiliated with the IFDH who will provide a prevention program to improve the oral health of disadvantaged children. A poster is in the process of being developed. Once all information has been finalized, it will be posted on our website. Corrie and Wanda will be serving on the committee to judge the applications and select the winning application.

Power Point Slides
Peter has also created PowerPoint slides about the IFDH that we can all use when discussing the IFDH at professional meetings. These slides can be found on the secure website.

Travel and Meeting Attendance
Mary Rose and JoAnn traveled to Dubai this month to network among dental and dental hygiene colleagues in the Middle East, promote the IFDH and encourage membership, and to identify sponsorship opportunities. In exchange for a booth to promote the IFDH at the AEEDC meeting, JoAnn presented a continuing education program on infectious diseases and one on infection control at the Dubai World Dental Meeting on February 3rd, and three other programs during the AEEDC meeting (February 4-6) including diabetes mellitus, screening and providing care for patients undergoing cancer therapy, and stats, facts, myths, and downright lies. Numerous contacts have been made at this meeting and will be pursued.

JoAnn has been invited to attend and be recognized as a VIP at the American Dental Hygienists' Association Annual Session in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 21, 2014. JoAnn will already be speaking at this meeting, and there will be no costs incurred to the IFDH for her attendance.

Banking and Accounting Matters
Our Treasurer, Mary Rose Pincelli and Peter Anas have been working together to organize our budget process, banking in the US, and accounting practices. Peter's accounting staff have undergone training with PNC Bank to ensure we are fully operational. The EC agreed to utilize the expertise of Peter and his accounting staff at Anas Marketing and Management to streamline our accounting procedures, and we have contracted these services for a six month trial basis.

Mary Rose and Peter are currently evaluating our budget process. After reviewing our budget for 2013-2015, it appears as though we are in danger of operating in a deficit situation. Further, our budget is structured in such a way that we only account for actions through December 2015, yet we operate until the end of June 2016 without a planned budget. Thus, I have asked Mary Rose, Peter and our accountant to review our budget practices and propose a better model of operation. Once this has been determined, it will be reviewed and discussed with the EC and HOD. This is a necessary part of our infrastructure growth and development.

Income Generation
In addition to securing sponsorship and a campaign to increase membership, the EC has discussed the possibility of generating additional income by offering IFDH sponsored continuing education programs online. This project is in the early stages of discussion and more details will be shared with the HOD as the project progresses. Please do share your ideas for other income-generating opportunities with the EC.

Lastly, as you can see, these past few months have been very busy and productive for the EC and our Managing Director and staff. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your ideas.



JoAnn Gurenlian, RDH, PhD

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