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IFDH President’s Report

January 2016

Projects Galore & Countdown to Switzerland

É Sempre A Sorrir

Dear IFDH Members,

I am pleased to report the following activities of the IFDH Board and Staff during the Fall of 2015, as well as key information for you to know.

Fall Board Meeting — Athens, Greece

The Board met in Athens, Greece on November 6-7, 2015 to review activities conducted since June, address the business of the Association, and to plan for the upcoming HOD Business Meeting and the ISDH in June 2016.

The Board passed several motions relating to management and frequency of the ISDH, Board of Directors term length and adding a new association membership category. Once the bylaws have been updated and approved at the January meeting, the changes will be added to the website.

Upcoming HOD Business Meeting, June 19-22, 2016; Lucerne, Switzerland

The Board and Staff have been working closely with the Swiss Organizing Committee on overseeing the vast array of details for both the HOD and ISDH meetings. We thank them for their hard work!

As an individual member, you are invited to attend both meetings (registration is linked from our website). As part of our HOD Meeting, we will be having a Social Responsibility Workshop on Tuesday afternoon (June 21st). Two speakers will be invited to address the issues of social responsibility and health literacy. Time has been allotted on Wednesday morning (June 22nd) for Committees to meet prior to boarding buses to transport us to Basel.

International Symposium (ISDH), June 23-26, 2016; Basel Switzerland

The Board also is working on updating guidelines for future ISDH meetings.

As members of IFDH, we encourage anyone who is interested in serving as an Officer, complete the Nomination Forms and run for office, available from the IFDH office.


We have added a button to the top of every page of the IFDH Website that allows for translation of information on the website into 90 different languages.


Thank you to all members who have submitted information to our past eNewsletters. The Winter issue is currently in production. Watch for it soon!

Sunstar World Dental Hygienist Award

The Sunstar World Dental Hygienist Award will be presented to dental hygienists who have made significant contributions to research or community projects. Dental hygienists or dental hygiene students are eligible to apply for these awards. Applications were due by December 31, 2015.

Corporate Support

  1. Research Grants: We are pleased to report that DENTSPLY has awarded the IFDH funds to be used to initiate Research Grants to be used to assist with the funding of research projects for graduate students. The Board is developing the criteria for these research grants in the beginning of 2016.
  2. Social Responsibility: In addition, DENTSPLY and Colgate are providing the IFDH major sponsorships to launch a new program on Social Responsibility that will span a workshop in 2016, a conference in 2017, and presentations at the ISDH meeting in 2019. Additional support is being sought for the 2017 conference from other corporate entities. More information about our new Social Responsibility Program will be explained during the HOD meeting.
  3. Other Support: We continue to have on-going discussions with many oral health companies for sponsorship of our existing and upcoming programs.

Every Child has a Toothbrush Program

As a reminder, we still have funds available to sponsor approximately another 15 projects under this program. Please remind your association colleagues that this worthwhile project is ongoing thanks to the generous support of Proctor & Gamble and Premier.

Global Children’s Dental Fund

The submission deadline for the Social Responsibility Awards was November 30. The Committee is in the process of reviewing the applications and the winners will be announced on our website soon!


As you can see, the Board and staff remain busy and excited with the activities of the association. We look forward to seeing you in Lucerne and working together at the HOD meeting and then at the 2016 ISDH meeting in Basel. The Swiss Organizing Committee has been working diligently to create an amazing experience for all of us!

As we have just finished our 2015 year, allow me to extend to you heartfelt wishes for a wonderful 2016, be blessed with good health, peace, safety, joy, and love, and know that I remain honored to be serving as your President.



JoAnn Gurenlian, RDH, MS, PhD

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