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IFDH Impact Awards


    The IFDH Impact Awards, sponsored by Colgate, is offered annually and open to any Full Association Member country of the IFDH.

    Sponsored by


    There will be a total of 3 prizes awarded in the following categories, based on the size of the organization:

    • Small (up to 999 members)
    • Medium (1000-3000 members)
    • Large (over 3000 members)

    The topic that the awards are based on is "the association’s most impactful program that has promoted the improved oral health of your country's citizens during the current calendar year." The specific topic may be narrowed each year based on community, children, seniors, etc.

    The awards will be based on the essay that best describes your program. It will be judged by the Board of the IFDH.

    IFDH reserves the right of publication of the award-winning essays.

    Entry forms are available upon request from the IFDH Office or website.

    Entries must include:

    • The number of recipients of the oral health initiative;
    • The number of association members involved;
    • A list of sponsors;
    • An outline of the event/s, timeline and future plans;
    • An estimate of the budget of the program;
    • At least one photo of the program.

    Entries are limited to a 2-page format for ease of judging.

    All entries are to be sent by email to IFDH in their final and completed version, no later than January 15th of the year following the program.

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