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IFDH Officers

Listed below are the titles, names and emails of the elected officers of IFDH.

Board of Directors (Elected Officers):


Belfast, UK
Michaela ONeill
The Executive Council
Newly installed Board of Directors at ISDH in Switzerland, June 2016.

Rhodes, New South Wales
Robyn Watson
President Elect

Sydney, Nova Scotia
Past Presidents
1986-1989Wilma Motley (USA)*
1989-1992Pat Johnson (Canada)
1992-1995Ruth Nowjack Raymer (USA)
1995-1998Inger-Lise Bryhni (Norway)
1998-2001Til van der Sanden-Stoelinga (The Netherlands)
2001-2004Kerstin Öhrn (Sweden)
2004-2007Sue Aldenhoven (Australia)
2007-2010Marjolijn Hovius (The Netherlands)
2010-2013Maria Perno Goldie (USA)
2013-2016JoAnn Gurenlian, RDH, PhD (USA)
* deceased

House of Delegates

Delegates from Full Association Members
The house of delegates is comprised of 2 delegates from each Full Association Member. Click to see list »

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