IFDH Newsletter
Winter 2015
Executive Council

JoAnn Gurenlian, RDH, PhD
Haddonfield, NJ, USA

President Elect
Robyn Watson. RDH, MPA
Rhodes, New South Wales

Corrie Jongbloed-Zoet, RDH

Mary Rose Pincelli Boglione
Florence, ITALY

Wanda Fedora RDH
Sydney, Nova Scotia

House of Delegates
United States of AmericaUSA

Executive Director
Peter Anas

Membership Director
Laikisha Jeffries

Membership Coordinator
Georgia Anas

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In This Issue
The IFDH President
JoAnn Gurenlian
JoAnn Gurenlian

Dear Colleagues:

Please read the IFDH President's Report to the House of Delegates for the latest information concerning activities of the Executive Council (EC) and staff over this past quarter, including:

  • EC Face-to-Face Meeting
  • Incorporation and Registration
  • Social Responsibility Awards
  • Every Child Has a Toothbrush Campaign
  • ISDH Planning Meeting
  • Facebook, eNews
  • Research Conferences
  • Membership Dues
  • Financial Matters
  • New Partnership with NCOHF
  • GCD Fund Update

2014 Social Responsibility Awards Presented

Earlier this year, the IFDH and the Global Child Dental Fund launched a project to recognize, on an annual basis, hygienists and student hygienists who participate in a volunteering project which benefits disadvantaged children, mainly but not exclusively in low- and middle-income countries. Any Dental Hygienist who is either an IFDH Individual or Student member, or member of an IFDH Country Member is eligible. The 2014 winners were recently announced. The competition was judged by a joint panel of experts from both GCDFund and IFDH. Read More »

Carol Martin
1st place
The Road Less Travelled
by Carol Martin
Deadline to Register Your Project
Ronald Knevel
1st runner up
Buddhi Bangara Project
by Ronald Knevel
Aygol Vermot Babaki
2nd runner up
Swiss Dental Help in Myanmar
Aygol Vermot Babaki

P&G Becomes Major Sponsor of
IFDH New Program:
Every Child has a Toothbrush

Every Child has a Toothbrush

Worldwide, children are affected by oral diseases, most notably dental caries. This condition causes pain, difficulty eating, hours lost at school, and a decreased quality of life. The members of the IFDH recognize that preventing dental caries starts by using a very powerful tool: a toothbrush. Yet, many children do not know how to use a toothbrush correctly, may not have their own toothbrush, or share a single toothbrush among all family members.

For those inspired to improve the oral health of children, the IFDH is launching the "Every Child has a Toothbrush" campaign. The program is designed to teach children how to use a toothbrush effectively so they can better control biofilm and reduce the risk of tooth decay. Our goal is to have dental hygiene volunteers from every member country of the IFDH instituting this program by the time of the IFDH House of Delegates meeting and Scientific Symposium in June, 2016.

To be part of the program, dental hygienists must create a community-based event that involves providing oral health education to children, teaching tooth-brushing techniques and conducting an oral examination to determine other needs. Details coming to the IFDH website soon.

IFDH Partners with NCOHF to Increase Public Awareness of Oral Disease

Americas Tooth Fairy Smile Drive

NCOHF and IFDH have recently signed an agreement to mutually advance their missions through partnership activities designed to drive positive oral health behaviors among children and their families and increase public awareness that oral disease can be prevented through proven regimens.

Through this partnership, NCOHF and IFDH will serve as educators about the importance of oral health, preventers of disease and protectors of vulnerable children. IFDH and NCOHF will work together to encourage dental hygienists to participate in the:

  • Esther Wilkins Education Program Participating dental hygienists will utilize the ToothFairy 101™ Community Education Kit including lessons and a magnetic board that demonstrates and helps reinforce the lessons and concepts.
  • America's ToothFairy Smile Drive - a campaign designed to raise oral health awareness and collect oral care products for at-risk children and teens.

Watch for more details coming soon on the IFDH website!

Eligibility Criteria: Any Dental Hygienist who is either an IFDH Individual or Student member, or member of an IFDH Country Member.

IFDH Exhibits at NY Conference

IFDH Exhibits at NY Conference

IFDH Treasurer Mary Rose Pincelli-Boglione (in picture) and President JoAnn Gurenlian represented the IFDH in its booth at the 6-day Greater New York Dental Meeting in early December, attracting over 50,000 attendees. It was a successful endeavor speaking with and distributing brochures to hygienists and corporate executives. See their plans for 2015 »

How to Enter the World Dental Hygienist Awards

The Sunstar Foundation

The Sunstar Foundation has established the World Dental Hygienist Awards to recognize dental hygienists who have made significant contributions to dental hygiene science or to patients, the community and the general public. The World Dental Hygienist Awards are presented every three years to a person or group chosen by an independent Selection Committee. Entries will be accepted for the 2016 awards from January 2014 through December 2015. Click for more information »


Plan Now for Our ISDH in Switzerland (June 2016): There Are No Longer Boundaries In Dental Hygiene!

Plan Now for Our ISDH in Switzerland
International Dental Hygiene Meeting

Attend international dental hygiene meetings. I (left) just returned from Basel, Switzerland, along with IFDH President JoAnn Gurenlian (right). We performed a site visit of the facilities in Basel where the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene (ISDH) will be held, and met with the organizing committee of the ISDH. Members of the committee include Cornelia (Coni) Jäggi (center), Marianne Kaegi, Doris Hüsler, Eva Lädrach, Vreni Steinegger, Brigitte Schoeneich, and Jacqueline Boss. Read More »

IADR/AADR/CADR General Session & Exhibition

NVM Autumn Conference 2014

The International Association for Dental Research (IADR) is located in Virginia, USA, and is a nonprofit organization with nearly 11,000 members worldwide. Its mission is: (1) to advance research and increase knowledge for the improvement of oral health worldwide; (2) to support and represent the oral health research community; and (3) to facilitate the communication and application of research findings. The annual meeting draws thousands of professionals from around the globe and this year will be held in Hynes Convention Center, 900 Boylston Street, Boston, Mass., USA. Learn More »

RDH Under One Roof

RDH Under One Roof

2015 will attract more than 1,000 dental hygienists from across the USA to an information-packed three-day event July 15-17, presented by RDH magazine in Las Vegas. Read more »

Member News

Australia Enjoys Successful Symposium

Australia Enjoys Successful Symposium

The Dental Hygienists' Association of Australia (DHAA) recently enjoyed its annual National Symposium, in the nation's capital Canberra. The event was a resounding success, with engaging speakers and presentations, as well as a fabulous Gala Dinner at the National Portrait Gallery. Click for full details »

Canada Participates in Family Violence and Child Abuse Roundtable

The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) and IFDH delegate, Sandra Lawlor, participated in a national inter-professional roundtable focused on preventing and responding to violence and abuse. The Minister of Health is taking a multidisciplinary approach to this issue, and we are very pleased that dental hygiene is at the table for this important discussion. Through this process, dental hygienists are recognized as health professionals who are well equipped with knowledge, training and well-developed referral pathways to help reduce the trauma associated with reporting incidents and circumstances of violence.

Canada Hosts Leadership Summit

Canada Hosts Leadership Summit

CDHA hosted it's first-ever Leadership Summit in Moncton, New Brunswick in October 2014. This inaugural meeting brought together provincial presidents, executive directors, council members and directors on provincial and national boards for a full day of education on media relations, advocacy, intergenerational differences and professionalism.

Norway Establishes CE Program

The Norwegian Dental Hygienist Association (NTpF) has establish part-time study in continuing education for the dental hygienist that starts August 2015 and goes on for 2 years. This study gives 60 points and the future plan is to give opportunity for the DH to take a master's degree.

Israel Busy on Many Fronts

The Israeli Dental Hygiene Association has recently joined forces with leading medical, dental and public health organizations in presenting the Supreme Court with a suit against Minister of Health Gehrman who instigated the cessation of water fluoridation in Israel.

IDHA continues to strive to make changes that will create a degree program in hygiene and are in constant negotiations with various universities throughout the country to recognize and accredit dental hygiene courses toward degrees in either public health sciences or health administration.

In November we held a very successful two day conference in the Southern city of Ashquelon in celebration of International Dental Hygiene Day and we are now busy planning our annual general assembly which will be combined with the annual Women's Day event in March. We are very pleased that both these events tend to oversubscribed and their popularity and attendance increase annually.

United Kingdom Elects New President

Michaela ONeill

The British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT) recently announced the appointment of Michaela ONeill as President for a two year tenure. Michaela qualified as a dental hygienist at King's College Hospital, London in 1991. More recently she has held a research hygienist role and currently works as a hygienist in a specialist restorative practice. It was on returning to Northern Ireland in 1997 that Michaela joined the Society for the first time and has been actively involved with BSDHT ever since. Michaela says "I'm delighted to have been chosen by the members of BSDHT to be their President for the next two years. This is a time of tremendous development for our profession, and it is the intention of the Executive and Council that BSDHT continues to be the progressive organization that it is today. Engagement with our members is absolutely crucial for an organization such as BSDHT. Our future plans include working with the relevant bodies to secure limited prescribing rights and raising our professional profile in education and research."

The Netherlands Busy with Education

The Dutch Dental Hygienists' Association (NVM) Foundation for Research and Education has published a NVM-KNMT article in the international dental journal Diagnosis on the treatment of halitosis by dental hygienists and dentists in the Netherlands. Click to read »

In the Fall issue, a wrong citation of the NVM article was reported; the correct citation is: Buunk-Werkhoven, Y.A.B., Hollaar, V.R.Y. & Jongbloed-Zoet, C. Work engagement among Dutch dental hygienists. Journal of Public Health Dentistry 2014 Feb 26. DOI: 10.1111/jphd.12050. Click to read »

Recently, in January 2015, the association, along with support from OralB started a post-Bachelor's degree accredited course in periodontology. Learn more »

Slovakia Sends Letter to Parliament

A letter has been sent by the Association of Dental Hygienists of Slovak Republic to the chairman of the Slovak parliament. The letter contained a requirement to introduce dental hygiene as an independent profession and its undisputable task and importance in the prevention of oral health of the population in Slovakia. The aim of this letter was to acquaint the chairman and the parliament deputies about the work of dental hygienists with the aim to support the requirement of the oral prevention by the creation of health laws. The president of ADHS has shown lower costs of the aimed prevention in the letter. These are significantly lower than the cost of health insurance companies by the treatment of the dental diseases. In this connection the dental hygienist has created a portfolio for the topic: "DENTAL HYGIENE, NEED OR LUXURY?"

Slovakia and National Ministry Educate

Slovakia and National Ministry Educate
Slovakia and National Ministry Educate

ADHS of Slovakia carried out projects of oral health support in collaboration with Slovak Ministry of Health. Its aim was the education of marginalized groups of citizens. 37 dental hygienists educated marginalized groups (including the community of Romas). The dental hygienists educated a wide spectrum of citizens of several age categories. The project has been realized in following cities: Trenčín, Nitra, Bratislava and Banská Bystrica by almost 2,532 people. Not that 85% of the Slovak population needs dental treatment. The goal of the project was the information about the reasons for origin of the oncological diseases and the need of improvement and regularity of dental hygiene.

Special Events

World Oral Health Day: March 20!

World Oral Health Day: March 20, 2015!

World Oral Health Day (WOHD) is celebrated every year on the 20th March. It is an international day to celebrate the benefits of a healthy mouth and to promote worldwide awareness of the issues around oral health and the importance of looking after oral hygiene to everyone old and young. Read more »

Collect Toothbrushes for Children in Your Community in February

Collect Toothbrushes for Children in Your Community in February

In keeping with President JoAnn Gurenlian's theme that every child receive a toothbrush, we bring to your attention this project. The National Children's Oral Health Foundation encourages dental hygienists to take part in National Children's Dental Health Month next month. Smile Drive is the perfect opportunity - the national campaign to raise oral health awareness and collect oral care products for at-risk children. Read more »

Oral Health News & Research

Stop Pre-Medicating!

ADA Review Examines Treatment of Patients with Prosthetic Joints

We have faced this issue in practice too many times to count. Your patient has a hip or knee replacement, and the orthopedic surgeon recommends antibiotic premedication for life. Previous recommendations from the American Heart Association had been to pre-medicate for a short period of time. Those guidelines were later updated. The dentist you work for follows a practice of pre-medicating the patient for two years. Another dentist pre-medicates patients with prosthetic joints for six months only. Patients forget to take their antibiotics prior to their dental hygiene appointment and then you are left with the conundrum of having the patient take a dose five minutes prior to the appointment, not taking the medicine at all, or taking the antibiotic after the appointment. Read more »

Antibiotic Pre-Medication Revisited

Antibiotic Pre-Medication Revisited

In a recent article, a Lancet study on antibiotic prophylaxis and infective endocarditis (IE) was referenced. The study was published online November 18, 2014, and stated a gradual increase in the incidence of IE in England. This increased incidence seems to parallel a reduction in antibiotic prophylaxis for IE prevention. Since then new guidelines for prosthetic joints have been published. Read more »

10 Ways to Make a Healthier Nation in 2015

In 2014, we re-learned five important public health lessons to take with us into the future, including the need for bolstered preparedness for domestic and international health threats, our nation's need for more public health funding, how health insurance coverage saves lives and reduces disease incidence, how public health measures must be grounded in science and the ever-growing need for public health professionals to communicate with Americans effectively. Click here to learn 10 things we should do this year to make a healthier nation in 2015 »

A Collaborative Model for Global Health Research: Investing in Oral Health for All

A Collaborative Model for Global Health Research: Investing in Oral Health for All

The nexus between what we know in health and what is implemented in the real world on the ground is not really a new phenomenon for dental public health. This community has pioneered the work on water fluoridation, schoolbased programs involving personal hygiene and sealants as well as political advocacy regarding tobacco cessation to name just a few areas of moving science towards practical application. Read more »

Global Supply of Health Professionals

There is a global crisis of severe shortages and marked mal-distribution of health professionals that is exacerbated by three great global transitions — demographic changes, epidemiologic shifts, and redistribution of the disability burden. Each of these transitions exerts a powerful force for change in health care systems, the roles of health professionals, and the design of health professional education. Every country will have to respond to these global pressures for change. Read more »

Letter To the Editor:
Global Supply of Health Professionals

In a New England Journal of Medicine Letter to the Editor, Crisp and Chen comprehensively analyze global health workforce challenges. However, it was pointed out that, as in previous articles, the entire cadre of 4 million oral health professionals is missing from the analysis. Oral diseases are among the most common maladies worldwide, and dental caries affect 60 to 90% of populations. Read more »

FDI Report on Oral Health Worldwide

FDI Report on Oral Health Worldwide

Oral diseases are among the most common diseases of humankind, yet they receive little attention in many countries with weak health care systems. Despite a high social and economic burden from oral diseases they are considered a neglected area of international health. World Oral Health Day provides an opportunity to increase awareness of the poor state of oral health in many places and offers an occasion to highlight realistic and cost effective solutions for health care systems and individuals alike. Read the report »

Studying Snus, a Smokeless Tobacco from Sweden

Studying Snus, a Smokeless Tobacco from Sweden

The warning label on cans of Swedish snus sold in the United States says that "this product can cause mouth cancer" and cautions that it "is not a safe alternative to cigarettes." Swedish Match, the company that sells snus, has petitioned the Food and Drug Administration to soften its warning label. How accurate is the current warning? How dangerous is Swedish snus? Read the report »

The Changing Face of Dentistry: Nanotechnology

The Changing Face of Dentistry: Nanotechnology

The human body comprises molecules; hence, the availability of molecular nanotechnology will permit dramatic progress to address medical problems and will use molecular knowledge to maintain and improve human health at the molecular scale. Nanomedicine could develop devices that are able to work inside the human body in order to identify the early presence of a disease, and to identify and quantify toxic molecules and tumor cells, for example. Nanodentistry will make possible the maintenance of comprehensive oral health by employing nanomaterials, including tissue engineering and, ultimately, dental nanorobots. This review is an attempt to highlight the possible applications of nanotechnology and the use of nanomaterials in dentistry. Read more »

The Latest Updates in Perio from the Experts

There's new knowledge about periodontal diseases and their effects on the mouth and body. From cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, implant failure, inflammation, and other maladies, there is original research being conducted around the globe. This article discusses a few of the latest and novel findings. Read more »

The Debate Rages On: Triclosan/Copolymer - Debunking The Myths

The Debate Rages On: Triclosan/Copolymer - Debunking The Myths

There have been claims in the news lately that triclosan is unsafe for humans. As with any product, toxicity is determined by the dosage, and the amount of potentially toxic ingredients in a product. This article discusses the efficacy of dentifrices containing triclosan, and the fact that there is currently not enough evidence to recommend avoiding use of products that contain triclosan. Read the article. You are encouraged to read the articles in the references, as well.

How E-Learning Can Affect The Future Of The Dental Hygiene Profession:

Part 1

How E-Learning Can Affect The Future Of The Dental Hygiene Profession

Change is here. It is needed and it has already started. Ask any dental hygienist on any career path, and chances are they're aware that our profession is moving toward a new horizon. It is full of new opportunities, advanced technology, modified scope of practice, and new ways of implementing dental hygiene services. It has been noted in many forums, research notes, and educators' symposiums that dental hygiene needs to adapt itself to the changing needs of the public, including the long-time effects of a graying population and adjustments in public health-care systems. We will discuss some of the needed changes here. Read more »

Part 2

How are we preparing the future generation of dental hygienists to meet current trends in health care and dental hygiene? Is the traditional curriculum model as seen in Part 1 in line with preparing dental hygienists to explore unique career settings and independent or collaborative practice models? What tools are we providing in the curriculum to prepare students to be more business savvy, and more knowledgeable about alternatives to the traditional clinical settings? Read more »

Communication as a Part of the Healing Process

Communication as a Part of the Healing Process

"Good communication is an important part of the healing process."

(1) Studies find that effective physician-patient communication has specific benefits.

(2) Patients are more likely to follow treatment and other recommendations; patients obtain enhanced outcomes; patients experience greater satisfaction with their treatment; and patients are less likely to initiate malpractice suits.

These concepts are easily transferrable to any health-care setting. In this article learn about a new tool for communication specifically with older patients. Read more »


Communication as a Part of the Healing Process

SEAL CAMBODIA is an exciting 3-year project to save children's teeth in Cambodia, where the levels of dental decay are among the highest in the world (dmft of 8-10 at age 5). For more, click here »

Journal of Dental Research:
Most-Read Articles in 2014

Journal of Dental Research: Most-Read Articles in 2014

The JDR lists the most-read articles, updated monthly. Rankings are recalculated at the beginning of the month and are based on full-text and pdf views. Read about them »

The Fifth German Oral Health Study

The Fifth German Oral Health Study

The Fifth German Oral Health Study (DMS V) is being conducted to produce data on oral health status, oral health behavior, and risk factors in Germany, according to a study protocol published in BMC Oral Health. Oral diseases rank among the most prevalent non-communicable diseases in modern societies. In Germany, oral epidemiological data show that both dental caries and periodontal diseases are highly prevalent, though significant improvements in oral health has been taking in the population within the last decades, particularly in children. It is, therefore, the aim of the Fifth German Oral Health Study (DMS V) to actualize the data on current oral health status and to gather information on oral health behavior and risk factors. In addition to current oral health monitoring, the study will also permit conclusions about trends in the development of oral health in Germany between 1989 and 2014. Read more »

More than 400,000 Patients Worldwide with Oral Cancers Annually

More than 400,000 Patients Worldwide with Oral Cancers Annually

In the United States, approximately 40,000 patients each year are given a diagnosis of oral and pharyngeal cancer. Despite the easy accessibility to these body sites by health care providers, almost two-thirds are diagnosed in advanced stages where the cancer has already spread to regional lymph nodes or beyond. Close to 8,000 patients a year die, and many more suffer from the complications of treatment. Worldwide there are more than 400,000 patients a year diagnosed with oral and pharyngeal cancers and in many parts of the world the statistics are far worse than those in the US. Read more »

Diagnosis and Management of Osteonecrosis of the Jaw: A Systematic Review and International Consensus

Diagnosis and Management of Osteonecrosis of the Jaw

This work provides a systematic review of the literature from January 2003 to April 2014 pertaining to the incidence, pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ), and offers recommendations for its management based on multidisciplinary international consensus. Read more »

2 New Educator/Research Resources

2 New Educator/Research Resources

Click to read an article about How To Evaluate A Clinical Study and Research Resources. The National Center for Dental Hygiene Research & Practice has two research resources available for dental hygiene researchers and educators, which are listed in the article or available here.

  • The Dental Hygiene Research Toolkit
  • Best Practices for Incorporating Dental Hygiene Research & Evidence Based Decision Making (EBDM) into Dental Hygiene Curriculum

Pregnancy Myths and the Dental Office Debunked

Pregnancy Myths and the Dental Office Debunked

There has been much discussion on social media lately about pregnancy and care in the dental office, including the exposure of radiographs. There's a lot of misinformation and advice given based on anecdotal experience or emotion. A new article focuses on pregnancy and the dental office, specifically patients in the office. Read more »

New Perspectives on Evidence-Based Dentistry

New Perspectives on Evidence-Based Dentistry

Colgate sponsored "Science to Cities" tours in November and December, 2014, presenting "New Perspectives on Evidence-Based Dentistry" in five cities in three weeks. The Science to Cities tour stops were Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, Houston, and Chicago. Two dentists and two dental hygienists were the presenters in the course - Drs. John Comisi and Angelo Mariotti, and Ann Eshenaur Spolarich, RDH, PhD, and JoAnn Gurenlian, RDH, PhD. (From left, Dr. John Comisi, JoAnn Gurenlian, RDH, PhD, and Barbara Shearer, BDS, MDS, PhD, Professional Relations Director at Colgate Palmolive). Read more »

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