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April-May 2014
Executive Council

JoAnn Gurenlian, RDH, PhD
Haddonfield, NJ, USA

President Elect
Robyn Watson. RDH, MPA
Rhodes, New South Wales

Corrie Jongbloed–Zoet, RDH

Mary Rose Pincelli Boglione
Florence, ITALY

Wanda Fedora RDH
Sydney, Nova Scotia

House of Delegates
United States of AmericaUSA

Managing Director
Peter Anas director@IFDH.org

Membership Director
Laikisha Jeffries membership@IFDH.org

Membership Coordinator
Georgia Anas coordinator@IFDH.org

The IFDH President
JoAnn Gurenlian
JoAnn Gurenlian

Busy & Productive Months for IFDH

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to report the following information concerning actions of the EC and Managing Director over this past quarter.

Ballot Results: The election results concerning registration in the U.S. received 33 votes: 31 in support and 2 votes opposed. We have thus begun the non-profit incorporation and U.S. federal government registration process with a U.S. attorney this month.

Membership Dues: All member country associations and current and past individual members were sent invoices for membership dues from our Central Office. Thank you to the 9 countries and 23 individuals who have paid their 2014 dues to date!

Constitution and Bylaws: The Constitution and Bylaws has been updated based on our actions taken at the HOD Meeting. This document can be found on the secure website. The Infrastructure Committee will be working on changes to the Standing Rules, Codes of Conduct, etc. Read the full report


IFDH Announces Text 2 Floss Program

Text 2 Floss Program

IFDH and the Text2Floss Program announced a new partnership recently. It is intended to provide patients with a unique and innovative way to receive information about oral health and dental hygiene.

Text2Floss is an initiative of A.T. Still University's Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health (ATSU-ASDOH). IFDH is proud to support an initiative that will allow dental hygienists to stay connected to their patients and remind them of their oral health recommendations through texting technology for iPhones and iPads.

"IFDH is pleased to partner with Text2Floss as a way to promote the prevention of oral disease, said IFDH President JoAnn Gurenlian. "This program is an innovative and fun way for millions of individuals to use their cell phones to improve their oral health."

Text2Floss is a one-week interactive educational tool meant to help people develop positive oral hygiene habits through the use of mobile technology. Learn more about the program.

Dental Hygienist Social Responsibility Award

2014 Volunteer Project

DEADLINE to Register Your Project: June 1, 2014

The IFDH and the Global Child Dental Fund have launched a project to recognize, on an annual basis, hygienists and student hygienists who participate in a volunteering project which benefits disadvantaged children, mainly but not exclusively in low- and middle-income countries.

Eligibility Criteria: Any Dental Hygienist who is either an IFDH Individual or Student member, or member of an IFDH Country Member.

Read more.


April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

Dental associations urge regular oral cancer examinations for early detection

Free Oral Cancer Screening Event

Almost 42,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or throat cancer this year. The 5-year survival rate of those diagnosed is only slightly more than 64%. When cancer is detected and treated early, treatment-related health problems are reduced.

As the nation observes the 14th Annual Oral Cancer Awareness Month in April, many associations have joined the Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF) in its campaign to remind everyone that regular oral cancer examinations from your dental professional are the best methods to detect oral cancer in its early stages. Regular dental visits can improve the chances that any suspicious changes in your oral health will be caught early, at a time when cancer can be treated more easily. Read the full article.

Enter the Sunstar Foundation World Dental Hygienist Awards

Sunstar Foundation World Dental Hygienist Awards

The Sunstar Foundation has established the World Dental Hygienist Awards to recognize dental hygienists who have made significant contributions to dental hygiene science or to patients, the community and the general public. Learn how to enter.

Britain Adds Social Media Focus

The British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT) has recently appointed a Social Media Coordinator (SMC) to bring the organization into the 21st century in the world of social media. Annette Smith is the new SMC for the Society, and it is hoped that this role will facilitate building relationships with members, and for us to be able to use this platform to communicate with members, the wider dental profession and the public. It is hoped that social media will give BSDHT members an improved experience, giving each and every one a voice to bring them together, at the same time creating a clear public relations message about dental hygienists and dental hygienist-therapists and what they can do.

Oral Health

CDC Grand Rounds: Global Tobacco Control

Public Health Grand Rounds

This is another in a series of occasional MMWR reports titled CDC Grand Rounds. These reports are based on grand rounds presentations at the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) on high-profile issues in public health science, practice, and policy. Click for information about CDC Grand Rounds. Click for more on tobacco control

Health Literacy and Numeracy:
Workshop Summary Released

Health Literacy and Numeracy

Although health literacy is commonly defined as an individual trait, it does not depend on the skills of individuals alone. Health literacy is the product of the interaction between individuals' capacities and the health literacy-related demands and complexities of the health care system. Specifically, the ability to understand, evaluate, and use numbers is important to making informed health care choices. Read more.

Pre-Implant Treatment Assessment Calculator

The Risk Index helps determine restorative outcome and can be used to advise the patient during the planning stages of treatment. The PDF form should be printed and retained in the patient's records.

Increasing Rights Sought in Finland

Finnish Federation of Dental Hygienists (FFDH) is trying to increase dental hygienists' rights to diagnose caries and periodontal diseases and take X-rays without dentist's referral (to get similar rights like other Nordic countries). The work started last year and still continues with authorities in Finland.

Oral Research

Work Engagement Among Dutch Dental Hygienists

Corrie Jongbloed-Zoet, RDH
Yvonne Buunk-Werkhoven, PhD

Congratulations to IFDH members Corrie Jongbloed-Zoet, RDH, (left), and Yvonne Buunk-Werkhoven, PhD, (right), on their article presented at the 101st FDI Annual World Dental Congress, September 2013 and published in the International Dental Journal 2013. Read the article.

JoAnn Gurenlian & Mary Rose Pincelli

IFDH Displays in Dubai

President JoAnn Gurenlian (right) and Treasurer Mary Rose Pincelli (left) attended meetings in Dubai with the purpose of securing interest in sponsorship and membership for the IFDH and establishing relationships to promote dental hygiene in the Middle East.

In addition, JoAnn and Mary Rose attended to the IFDH exhibit booth, introducing the IFDH to interested dentists and hygienists, and soliciting interest in sponsorship and membership among other exhibitors and participants. Individuals were made aware of our ISDH in 2016 and invited to attend.

Chicago Symposium to Redefine Health Education

JoAnn Gurenlian & Mary Rose Pincelli
Left to right: IFDH President JoAnn Gurenlian; ADHA Executive Director Ann Battrell; and IFDH Past President Maria Perno Goldie.

On September 18, 2013, over 100 oral health stakeholders convened in downtown Chicago for an unprecedented collaboration to envision the role of the dental hygiene profession in the future health care system. A joint endeavor of the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA), the ADHA Institute for Oral Health and The Santa Fe Group, "Transforming Dental Hygiene Education" has paved the way for a fundamental shift in how dental hygienists will be prepared for an ever-changing health care system. ADHA's Access magazine featured an overview of the symposium and in-depth coverage of the panels and presentations continues in the Headquarters column throughout 2014.

Editor: Maria Perno Goldie, RDH, BA, MS

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