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November 2019
 Board of Directors

Corrie Jongbloed-Zoet, RDH, Epe

President Elect
Wanda Fedora RDH
Nova Scotia

Vice President
Michaela ONeill

Donna Paton
Mullingar, Co Westmeath

Melanie Hayes

 House of Delegates

Executive Director
Peter Anas

Membership Director
Laikisha Jeffries

Membership Coordinator
Clare Karpinski

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From the President
2019 IFDH International Symposium on Dental Hygiene
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International Journal of Dental Hygiene
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The IFDH President
Corrie Jongbloed-Zoet,
Corrie Jongbloed-Zoet, RDH, Epe

Our New Mission & Vision Give Us Direction

Read the first message from our new President Corrie Jongbloed-Zoet, including:

  • New Mission & Vision
  • IFDH Participates in ACCFF Expert Panel
  • Current & Future IFDH Programs
  • New Board of Directors
  • Thank you to Australia

Read the full message.

2019 IFDH International Symposium on Dental Hygiene (ISDH)

WOW!! ISDH 2019: Brisbane, Australia

Gala Bridge
Wanda and Koala

It may have been a long series of flights to get to Brisbane Australia - but it was definitely worth it! What a beautiful country and an amazing week for Dental Hygienists. With 1,200 participants from more than 35 countries, numerous oral presentations and 94 posters from around the world, the 2019 International Symposium on Dental Hygiene was another great success! Click for more of the story and more photos.

Delegates at banner

House of Delegates Business Meeting

The week started off with 2 days of meetings for the Board of Directors followed by the House of Delegates Business Meeting and evening events. 24 countries were represented along with a number of Observers and Individual Members.

New Mission & Vision

Mission: The International Federation of Dental Hygienists is an international non-profit association uniting national Dental Hygienist organizations, by fostering leadership and collaboration. IFDH is the principal advocate for the dental hygiene profession globally and promotes excellence in oral health, education, research and practice.

Vision: IFDH is dedicated to enhancing the recognition of the dental hygienist as being the key provider of preventive oral health care worldwide, and ensuring that oral health is integrated as a key aspect of overall health.

Welcome Board of Directors 2019 - 2022

Corrie Jongbloed–Zoet




President Elect

Nova Scotia

Michaela ONeill

Vice President

Belfast, UK

Treasurer Donna Paton


Mullingar, Co Westmeath

Michaela ONeill



A Global Learning & Networking Experience

ISDH Opening Ceremonies

As always, the Opening Ceremonies, with its parade of flags presentation, similar to the Olympics, was an awe-inspiring event.

lead keynote

The goal of the symposium was to uncover the vital role dental hygienists play as primary healthcare providers through the exploration of evidence-based and innovative approaches.

lead keynote

Not only did the symposium deliver on scientific content but networking opportunities were also highly rated. Sponsors and exhibitors played a huge role in making the event a success with over 40 exciting and informative displays.

IFDH Social Responsibility Member Project 2019

Social Responsibility Programs Presented & Book Unveiled

For the first time IFDH presented a Social Responsibility Workshop on Friday afternoon. Leading off the seminar was renowned researcher and Professor, Murray Thomson, from New Zealand. This was followed by presentations from 17 countries' Social Responsibility programs. See the book detailing all 17 programs.

Social Responsibility Award Winners:

Caries Off: Naveed Awan (Pakistan)
Maasai Molar: Rachael England (United Arab Emirates)
The Sparkle Brush Program: Maggie Naidoo (South Africa)
Oral Health Ambassadors for Frail Elderly Worldwide: Wil Pelkmans (The Netherlands)

Also, a big thank you to sponsors DentsplySirona, Colgate and Curasept for their key involvement.

Awards Presented

IFDH Social Responsibility Member Project 2019

Once again, Mayumi Kaneda of Sunstar Global presented the World Dental Hygienist Awards to some outstanding and well deserving dental hygiene colleagues at the Gala Dinner venue overlooking the beautiful waterfront.

Newly-elected President Corrie Jongbloed-Zoet and outgoing President Robyn Watson

Thank You Robyn! The new IFDH Board of Directors was installed and newly-elected President Corrie Jongbloed-Zoet (left) gave thanks to the attendees and presented outgoing President Robyn Watson (right) with a ceremonial gavel.

Two awards from the International Journal of Dental Hygiene were acknowledged during the closing ceremony of the ISDH.

Dr. Martijn Rosema
Academisch Centrum Tandheelkunde, Amsterdam, NL
BEST PAPER 2016- 2019
Dr. Nienke Hennequin-Hoenderdos
Academisch Centrum Tandheelkunde, Amsterdam, NL
Thank you to our Sponsors
ISDH 2020


Next ISDH: Dublin, Ireland - August 2022

IFDH looks forward to its next International Symposium on Dental Hygiene in Dublin, Ireland, August 2022. See you there!

IDFH News & Programs

IFDH Initiates Global Surveys

Take the Survey
First on Toothpaste

The IFDH is fielding a multiple-choice survey to better understand global dental hygienists' toothpaste recommendation practices and information resources. This is the first of a 3-part survey series through the end of 2020 (approximately one survey every 6 months), which will provide insights to help us identify opportunities for educational programs. A summary of results will be developed and disseminated.

A Revamped Volunteer Program with
New Involvement from Curasept

Every Child has a Toothbrush
promote this to your members

For those inspired to improve the oral health of children, the IFDH "Every Child has a Toothbrush" campaign was designed to teach children how to use a toothbrush effectively so they can better control biofilm and reduce the risk of tooth decay. Our new, remodeled program does not vary from this direction. IFDH has worked with Curasept to fine-tune the details, to promote this program globally, and to make it easier for Hygienists to participate. The program makes it possible for hygienists from around the world to get involved. Toothbrushes and other materials and modest grants will be given to assist them in their project. For information as to how to participate please click here.

Be Updated by IFDH on Oral Health News & Research

Come and follow us







IFDH Research Grants Update

promote this to your members
dentsply sirona preventive

December 15th Deadline for 2019 Applications

The IFDH has research grants for dental hygiene students available, so please check the website for details. The purpose of this program is to promote experience in the research process and dissemination of findings contributing to the dental hygiene body of knowledge. This grant program provides small grants for students enrolled in dental hygiene graduate programs conducting thesis research. Deadline is December 15th.

ACFF Expert Panel

IFDH Participates in ACFF Expert Panel

During the 2019 Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future (ACFF) Expert Panel Meeting (Washington DC, October) the achievements of the Alliance were discussed as well as the World Cavity-Free Future Day, the ACFF Policy Lab outcomes and what else can be done in relation to caries prevention and management. A clinical case study was presented: Caries classification and management in the context of the CariesCare International (CCI) consensus and a 'CariesCare Practice Guide: Consensus on Evidence Into Practice'. This guide is derived from the International Caries Classification and Managment System (ICCMS) and provides a structured update to deliver optimal caries care.

During this meeting, IFDH President Jongbloed (back row, 2nd from left) presented a new slideshow "Getting to know the IFDH". This will be available to the HoDs (in the website secure section) for use to educate members.

Member News


National Dental Hygienists Week

The Dental Hygienists Association of Australia was so proud to host the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene in Brisbane in August this year. We welcomed over 1,200 delegates from 35 countries, and I think it is safe to say a great time was had by all. Thanks to the IFDH Board for trusting us with your conference, to the Scientific Committee for putting together such a terrific program, the Local Organizing Committee for all of your hard work bringing everything together, and to you - the delegates - thank you for coming! We hope you had an amazing time. Our next conference is in Melbourne, October 2020. We'd love to see you there. For more updates on this and everything else Aussie please head to our website.


CDHA 2018 Healthy and Respectful Workplace Survey

Results from CDHA's 2018 Healthy and Respectful Workplace Survey indicated that Canadian dental hygienists are dealing with harassment, bullying, abuse and violence in the workplace. To help our members address these issues and guide them in creating a positive, respectful work environment, CDHA has developed a vision of a healthy and respectful workplace, available in English and French. A number of other resources are in the development stages, and a new online community has also been launched where members can share experiences, collaborate, and support one another.


On Friday September 27th the Danish Dental Hygienists (DDH) held our annual conference. More than 180 dental hygienists from all over the country participated in a successful day of lectures, workshop and product presentation from dental companies. On the program were lectures on lifelong health, communication and periodontology. At the end of the day the winner of the annual "Dental Hygienists Award" was announced and received a diploma and DKK 10.000 as part of the award. The Danish Dental Hygienists are looking forward to welcoming members again next year in September 2020. Click to see pictures and more information.

The Danish Dental Hygienists want to highlight the potential of employing Dental Hygienists in the Danish hospital sector. A growing body of research and evidence support the connection between dental hygiene and infections, the possibilities of minimizing the risk of the spread of bacteria etc. But this knowledge is too rarely converted to a greater use of dental hygienists at the hospitals, and only rarely do admitted patients see a dental hygienist, when they are in for treatment or surgery at the hospitals. But DDH sees great potential for patients admitted in the departments of oncology, intensive care, internal medicine or cardiology, if the hospitals were to use the expertise of the dental hygienists.


Ireland's participation in ISDH Brisbane

Ireland's participation in the ISDH Brisbane was reflected by the delegates' enthusiasm and sense of fun as the IDHA hosted a stand in the exhibition area for ISDH 2022. Barbara Derham, Chairperson, Donna Paton, President IDHA and Sponsorship Liaison Sandra Joyce, made up a small but impactful delegation who worked hard to promote the next venue for ISDH, Dublin, August 11th- 13th 2022. The IDHA can't thank the DHAA enough, with Roisin McGrath Chairperson and Cheryl Dey DHAA President, as they generously supported Ireland in our efforts as next hosts. 'Craic agus Ceol' (fun and music) was the order of the day in the exhibition centre, mixed with the serious business of board discussions and making contacts to bring home to our association. The closing ceremony was a celebration of a successful symposium. Congratulations to the DHAA and the IFDH in collaborating to produce an inspiring program in a very enjoyable atmosphere. If you missed out on attending ISDH 2019 why not sign up for our newsletter on www.ISDH2022.com to keep up to date on developments over the next three years. No time like the present to start planning your trip!



This fall we are hosting a couple of gatherings regarding the new legislation changes. The Dutch dental hygienists are already directly accessible but next year an experiment starts to give the dental hygienists full independence for the whole scope of practice, including X-rays, anesthesia and primary cavities. To prepare our members for this upcoming change, we organized the "Expeditie Bijeenkomst" which means Expedition Meeting. It’s an informative meeting where we teach our colleagues about the legislation and where we brainstorm about the needs of our members during this change and what we need to do to make this experiment a success.

United States

American Dental Hygienists' Association

The American Dental Hygienists' Association held their Annual Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky in June. The ADHA had 1,482 attendees, which was an increase from 2018. It was rewarding to have 373 of those attendees as first-time attendees. The exhibit hall was full and busy with 110 venders, lunches, and prize giveaways. Included in the meeting were three days of continuing education courses, in six different tracks: Clinical, Research, Professional Development, Educator, Student and Public Health. There was a total of 74 courses offered with 23 CEUs available to earn. In addition to the educational events, there were many opportunities for networking and fun - including galas, award ceremonies and the Institute for Oral Health’s Annual Fun Run! Jill Rethman RDH, BA joins Kelli Swanson Jaecks, MA, RDH as the new ADHA Delegate to the IFDH. ADHA looks forward to another year of growth and will convene again June 12th-14th, 2020 in New Orleans. All are welcome to attend!

International Journal of Dental Hygiene

Journal Editors at ISDH

Associate Editors of IJDH participate in ISDH scientific program

The Associate Editors of the International Journal of Dental Hygiene (IJDH) recently participated in the scientific program of the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene (ISDH) in Brisbane. The presentation addressed the theme of "Fake News in Science" as a discussion for health care professionals to consider as they utilize evidence-based decision making to support optimal patient care.

Key Papers in Our Journal

International Journal of Dental Hygiene

Click here to access key papers from the most recent edition of the IJDH:

Tongue coating in relationship to gender, plaque, gingivitis and tongue cleaning behaviour in systemically healthy young adults
Effects of Oral Health Programs on Xerostomia in Community‐Dwelling Elderly: A Systematic Review and Meta‐Analysis
Caries incidence and risk assessment during a five‐year period in adolescents living in southeastern Sweden
Oral Health News & Research

World Oral Health Day Resources

World Oral Health Day Resources

This year we want everyone to make a pledge to look after their oral health, because a healthy mouth enables us to enjoy life…and that’s something definitely worth pledging for. Use the World Oral Health Day resources to show your support for World Oral Health Day, whether you're organizing an event or simply spreading the word among family and friends. All content is free to use by everyone.

Tooth Loss Associated with Higher Risk of Heart Disease

Tooth Loss Associated with Higher Risk of Heart Disease

Adults who have lost teeth due to non-traumatic reasons may have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease according to a presentation at the American College of Cardiology Middle East Conference 2019 together with the 10th Emirates Cardiac Society Congress, held in October in Dubai, UAE.

Dental School Installs Robotic Devices for Implant Surgeries

Dental School Installs Robotic Devices for Implant Surgeries

Boston University's School of Dental Medicine announced in October it was the first U.S. dental school to acquire, install and use two surgical robotic devices for dental implant surgeries. The devices will provide an opportunity for the school's predoctoral students and postdoctoral residents to learn how robotic technology can augment and enhance clinical practice and patient care.

Study Identifies Cells in Gingivae that Protect Against Periodontitis

Study Identifies Cells in Gingivae that Protect Against Periodontitis

Despite significant advancements in oral health care, periodontitis remains the most common cause of tooth loss, as well as the sixth most prevalent infectious disease worldwide. The discovery of a new type of cell in the epithelial tissue of the periodontium that helps protect against harmful bacteria has thus renewed interest in the notion that our immune systems may be key to this disease.

Editors: Peter Anas, Executive Director,
Maria Perno Goldie, RDH, BA, MS

Published by

International Federation of Dental Hygienists

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100 South Washington St., Rockville MD 20850 USA.
Phone: 240-778-6790 • Web: www.ifdh.org



November 8-9: Irish Dental Hygienists (IDHA) - Annual Conference 'Open your Mind'
Limerick, Ireland

November 15: Dutch Dental Hygienist Association (NVM) - National Congress
Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

November 15-16: Italian Dental Hygienists Association - National Congress
Bologna, Italy

November 22-23: British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDT) - Oral Health Conference
ICC, Wales (Newport)


March 20-12: United Arab Emirates Dental Hygienists Club (EDHC) - Emirates Saudi Dental Hygienist Symposium
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

May 22-23: Italian Dental Hygienists Association (AIDI) - XXX National Conference
Bologna, Italy

June 3-4: Israeli Dental Hygiene Association (Israel DHA) - Annual Conference
Tel Aviv, Israel

June 4-5: Norwegian Dental Hygienists Association - Annual Conference
Lillehammer, Norway

June 12-14: American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) - Annual Conference
New Orleans, USA

July 4-5: Korean Dental Hygienists Association (KDHA) - Annual Conference
Seoul, Republic of Korea

October 2-3: The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) - CDHA Summit
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

October 8-10: The Dental Hygientists Association of Australia (DHAA) - National Symposium
Melbourne, Australia

November 6-7: Irish Dental Hygienist's Association (IDHA) - Annual Conference
Dublin, Ireland

November 20: Swiss Dental Hygienists - Annual Conference
Basel, Switzerland

November 20: British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT) - Oral Health Conference
SSE Hydro Glasgow

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