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November 2016
 Board of Directors

Robyn Watson, RDH, MPA
Rhodes, New S. Wales

President Elect
Corrie Jongbloed-Zoet, RDH

Vice President
Wanda Fedora, RDH
Sydney, Nova Scotia

Mary Rose Pincelli Boglione
Florence, ITALY

Michaela ONeill

 House of Delegates
United States of AmericaUSA

Executive Director
Peter Anas

Membership Director
Laikisha Jeffries

Membership Coordinator
Georgia Anas

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The IFDH President
Robyn Watson
Robyn Watson

Welcome from the President

Dear Colleagues & Members;

Please read the IFDH President's Report for the latest information concerning the activities of the Board of Directors and IFDH program updates and deadlines, including:

  • Board of Directors Meetings
  • HOD 2016 Business Meeting
  • Bylaws
  • Grants
  • Social Responsibility 2017 Conference
  • …and much more

Our eNews Can Now be Translated!

Many have been very happy that our website has the ability to be translated into 90 languages. Now the same has been done for all of our eNewsletters! This is exciting news for our non-English speaking delegates and countries! Click here to access the Translate button in the eNews Contents section ONLY available on our website..

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Remember to send a link to your members to read all of our news!

IFDH Celebrates 30 Years
Watch the Video

IFDH Celebrates 30 Years
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President JoAnn Gurenlian surprised everyone during the opening of her report at the HOD Business Meeting and the ISDH with a video highlighting the IFDH 30th Anniversary, showing pictures of the organization over the years, testimonials from several in the industry and a summary of current IFDH programs.

Dr. Esther Wilkins Prepares to Mark a Milestone

Dr. Esther Wilkins

Send your birthday greetings to Esther as she turns 100!

IFDH Treasurer, Mary Rose Pincelli Boglione, spent a lovely afternoon visiting Dr. Esther Wilkins. She brought birthday wishes from the IFDH Board of Directors. We wish her the best for her hundredth birthday! And also thank her for her great contribution to the profession. Share your birthday wishes here. Hu-Friedy will be accepting birthday wishes until mid-November.

IFDH/Colgate Webinar December 8th

IFDH Education Academy
colgate oral health network

Will Also be Available Online
for 3 Years

Increasing Health Literacy to Reduce Dental Caries. Are you and your Practice Health Literate?

Alice Horowitz, PhD, MA, RDH will be the presenter for the IFDH Education Academy's first-ever webinar. One hour of content (1 CE) will include background and update on oral health literacy and its potential impact on decreasing dental caries, especially among pregnant women and their children.

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Participants will learn:


What health literacy is & why it is important


How to incorporate important communication skills to increase health literacy among their patients

Research Grants: December Deadline

Dentsply Sirona
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The IFDH still has research grants for dental hygiene students available, so please check the website for details. The purpose of this program is to promote experience in the research process and dissemination of findings contributing to the dental hygiene body of knowledge. This grant program provides small grants for students enrolled in dental hygiene graduate programs conducting thesis research. Deadline is December 15th.

Have Any of Your Members Volunteered?

Every Child has a Toothbrush
Proctor and Gamble
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For those inspired to improve the oral health of children, the IFDH "Every Child has a Toothbrush" campaign is designed to teach children how to use a toothbrush effectively so they can better control biofilm and reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Grant money is still available! To participate in the program: dental hygienists must create a community-based event that involves providing oral health education to children, teaching tooth-brushing techniques and conducting an oral examination to determine other needs. More details »


Welcome to New IFDH Members:
Singapore & Philippines!

Over the past few months IFDH has welcomed Singapore and the Philippines into Full Association membership. This bring IFDH up to 33 countries representing over 85,000 dental hygienists worldwide! See the delegates from our country members.

Social Responsibility

a) 2017 Conference

Following up from a full afternoon Social Responsibility Workshop in Lucerne Switzerland, designed to build awareness among the House of Delegates, the IFDH full association member countries will move on to Phase 2 in 2017.

The Board is in final preparations for the Social Responsibility Conference "Global Oral Health Strategy Session" to be held in Florence, Italy in July 2017. If you have been participating in a Social Responsibility programme in your country, and would like to learn more about this, please contact your House of Delegates representative for further details.

dentsply sirona preventive
glaxo smith kline

b) Awards Program:
Deadline: December 15th

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Since 2014, the IFDH and the Global Child Dental Fund oversee an annual project to recognize, hygienists and student hygienists who participate in a volunteering project which benefits disadvantaged children, mainly but not exclusively in low- and middle-income countries.

global child dental fund

Any Dental Hygienist who is either an IFDH Individual or student member, or member of an IFDH Country Member is eligible. Read more.

Stay Involved with Your Committee

The committees below met in Lucerne, Switzerland and the Minutes for those meetings are now included in HOD section of the website. Stay involved, or get involved. Committee Chair emails are included below.


See the list of conferences on the right side of this newsletter.

Is your annual conference listed?

2016 North American Saliva Symposium Coming in December

2016 North American Saliva Symposium

The 2016 North American Saliva Symposium will bring together investigators in dentistry and medicine involved in salivary diagnostic research.

Third International Dental Hygiene Educator's Forum to be held March 2017 in Long Beach, California

Third International Dental Hygiene Educators Forum

The IDHEF will be held prior to the 2017 Annual Session of the American Dental Education Association (ADEA). The goal of the meeting is to promote networking and share curriculum information with dental hygiene educators globally. There will be presentations and a panel discussion on issues related to global dental hygiene education. For further information contact Maria Perno Goldie, RDH, MS, or visit the IDHEF Facebook page.

Member News


The Dental Hygienists' Association of Australia (DHAA) proudly supported the SugarByHalf Campaign, which launched on World Obesity Day on October 11. The campaign encouraged everyone to participate in #SugarSwap; to try taking a sugary food or drink that you normally eat, and swap it out for something healthier instead and share what you've done on social media to cement your commitment.

The DHAA is also launching a new section of the member website for Dental Hygienists and Oral Health Therapists can share their professional experiences to create a knowledge bank that can be referenced by all DHAA members. The Hygienist Hub will allow members to share patient success stories, product reviews and practice problem solving stories.


Dental Hygiene Research Agenda

The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) is proud to announce the release of the 2015-2018 Dental Hygiene Research Agenda. This Research Agenda aims to effect change in the following key areas:

  • Access to care issues and unmet oral health needs of individuals
  • Risk assessment and management of health conditions
  • Capacity-building within the dental hygiene profession

CDHA Position Paper and Statement on Therapeutic Oral Rinsing - The October issue of the Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene (CJDH) features CDHA's updated position paper and statement on therapeutic oral rinsing with commercially available products. Based on the current research, CDHA encourages dental hygienists to recommend oral rinsing with a commercially available therapeutic over-the-counter oral rinse (mouthwash) to their adult clients as a long-term complement to usual mechanical plaque control measures to achieve optimal oral hygiene and promote oral health; however, all dental hygiene interventions should be client-specific.


In September, the Annual National Professional Conference was held in Copenhagen. The conference was a huge success with more than 160 dental hygienists participating in the event. Many dental hygienists in Denmark work in private clinics owned by a dentist. This means that many dental hygienists are working under the collective agreement between the Danish Dental Association and the Regional Government in Denmark, which contains the insurance levels part of the payment for each dental treatment. Therefore, part of the conference was reserved for the focus on the new collective agreement, which was presented by a representative from the Danish Dental Association. The conference ended with the nomination of "The Dental Hygienist of the Year" and this year the price went to Pia Briesemeister for her work with socially vulnerable people in the municipality of Horsens in Denmark.

New Project Focusing on Oral Health for the Elderly: October 1st 2016 was the first day in the new project between The Danish Association of Dental Hygienists and the KL (Association of Danish Municipalities). One purpose of the project is to improve the oral health of the elderly in the few selected care centers for elderly people. The second and main purpose is to educate and train the staff of the care centers to carry out or assist the elderly in brushing teeth twice a day. The goal of the project is to improve the oral health status of the elderly people in the care center participating in the project. And of course it is also a goal to raise political awareness on the issue of oral health and the competences of dental hygienists when it comes to preventing a poor oral health status.


The Irish Dental Hygienist's Association (IDHA) held their annual conference, "Innovate, Integrate, Motivate," in October in Co Cork. The conference was very well attended with workshops and lectures making up the program. The IDHA now has a new President, Donna Paton, who starts a two year term. The IDHA participated in World Oral Health Day and we plan to do so again in 2017. Many congratulations to IDHA member Ms Catherine Waldron RDH, M.Sc. who has recently been awarded the H.R.B Cochrane Fellowship.

Barbara Derham

Past President Interview in Dental Tribune: Barbara Derham has over 25 years of experience as a dental hygienist, having worked in private practice in the UK and Ireland. Also, as a past President of the Irish Dental Hygienists' Association (IDHA), she represents Irish dental hygienists around the world. Read the Dental Tribune Online interview.


The Israeli Dental Hygiene Association (IDHA) is proud to have had a large delegation of 42 participants attend the ISDH in Basil, Switzerland this past June.

Special Smiles Olympics

The association has been involved in coordinating volunteer hygienists for various Social Responsibility projects, which has thus far included two health awareness days in Jerusalem and also a Special Smiles Olympics project in Tel Aviv. Also in the works is a program that involves battered women's shelters and among refugee children.

The IDHA appreciates those who replied to its query regarding licensure laws and regulations in your respective countries. The IDHA is pleased to announce that after relentless efforts, the unjust law has been changed and "temporary licenses" no longer exist. As a result, all qualified hygienists receive a permanent license when they qualify.


Distribution of Healthcare - Dental Hygienist in Article 36a of the BIG Law: In June, the Minister of Health decided to regulate the profession of Dental Hygienist in the Netherlands in a so-called Experimental article; Article 36a of the BIG law. This means that for 5 years, the current profession will be regulated in another way and evaluated to improve effectiveness and efficiency in the Dutch Oral Health Organization. Dutch Dental Hygienists have free access for all treatments with the exception of the so-called restricted acts (delivering local anesthesia, indicating and taking X-rays and treatment of primary cavities). For these restricted acts a prescription by a dentist is needed. After the five year experiment a final regulation is one of the possibilities. Dentists in the Netherlands are not happy with this decision of the Minister of Health. This change in law is one of the main issues the Dutch Association is working on in the coming period because it has many opportunities to give oral health promotion and oral health prevention a bigger role and give a boost to the transition from more curative oriented dentistry towards more preventive oral health. Since this also means a huge responsibility for the dental hygienists, the education part of the Association is developing continuing vocational training to meet the competences needed.


The government has recently offered 122,000 euros for continuing education scholarships in 60 cities for Dental Hygienists in Norway. It is an ongoing study program at the university for 60 credits, where you can go on to obtain a master's degree.


AOHT president Amdy Ong & Professor Finbarr Allen

In October, the Association for Oral Health Therapists (Singapore) concluded a very successful Continuing Dental Education programme - the Singapore Oral Health Therapy Congress 2016. Close to 150 international and local delegates attended the Congress, including Professor Finbarr Allen, the new Dean for the Faculty of Dentistry at National University of Singapore, as the guest-of-honor. AOHT president Amdy Ong (left) with Prof Allen, dean of Dental Faculty, NUS (right).

Association for Oral Health Therapists

Volunteering at the Sunshine Welfare Action Mission Home: On September 17th, members from the Association for Oral Health Therapists (AOHT) spent their Saturday volunteering at the Sunshine Welfare Action Mission Home. There was a presentation on "ental Health for the Elderly" for about 40 staff nurses and healthcare associates at the home. There was also a session where the staff got to ask more in-depth questions on common dental problems, denture care and other oral hygiene aids in the market.

AOHT Overseas Bintan Community Involvement Programme

AOHT Overseas Bintan Community Involvement Programme: During the first weekend of September, 16 OHT students and 5 alumni members participated in a charity trip organized by the Association for Oral Health Therapists (Singapore). These volunteers provided dental services for residents of 2 orphanages, Bina Insani and Al Bintani. Dental services were provided to a total of 46 children and 14 adult caretakers and facilitators.

Slovak Republic

ADHS committee

The Association of Dental Hygienist in the Slovak Republic (ADHS) had a committee meeting and planned their project "Generation without tooth decay" in September. Slovak Days of Dental Hygiene for Dental Nurses and Dentists took place in October in Samorin. The event was officially opened by the Slovak Republic Minister of Health. The ADHS committee (see picture) attended as speakers for this event. Also in October, ADHS held their annual one day conference for all members of ADHS free of charge. In total, with 89 registered dental hygienists attending a day full of presentations and workshops. ADHS has had cooperation with dental hygienist and dental programs Dental Alarm and Brusher, which is a huge step forward for them.

United Kingdom

Nestlé retracts 'The Smile Factory' advertising in response to BSDHT appeal: Following an appeal by BSDHT, food and drink manufacturer Nestlé has taken steps to withdraw its 'The Smile Factory' advertising campaign, with immediate effect. Earlier this summer we shared our deep concerns about Rowntree's 'The Smile Factory' advertising campaign in a press release, circulated widely to the media. In it, we stated that the campaign was hugely misleading and irresponsible for its portrayal of sugary sweets being linked to happiness and smiling. In a letter received by the BSDHT, Nestlé has acknowledged their responsibility in advertising towards children and have reviewed the campaign accordingly. As a result, Nestlé has confirmed that they will not continue to use the strapline 'The Smile Factory' as part of their advertising, with immediate effect. Read the original press release from the BSDHT on the 'Smile Factory' advertising campaign and the response from Nestlé.

United States

NDHM2016 website

National Dental Hygiene Month 2016: In October, the American Dental Hygienists' Association and the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program partnered for the seventh year in a row to celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month (NDHM2016). The campaign recognized dental hygienists and the incredible work they do all year long. The campaign also focused on encouraging dental hygienists to start the conversation with their patients about the importance building an oral health routine around the Daily 4 - brushing twice a day for two minutes, flossing or interdental cleaning daily, using antimicrobial mouth rinse, and chewing sugarfree gum between meals. Information and resources can be found on the NDHM2016 website.

Oral Health News & Research

Bright Futures: ORAL HEALTH Pocket Guide

Bright Futures: ORAL HEALTH Pocket Guide

This pocket guide is designed to be a useful tool for a wide array of health professionals including dentists, dental hygienists, physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, dietitians, and others to address the oral health needs of pregnant and postpartum women, infants, children, and adolescents.

The Value of Sealants

The Value of Sealants

Though prices vary, filling a cavity can cost about $100, while sealant application costs only about $30 to $40 per tooth. In 2013, The Cochrane Collaboration published a systematic review of the evidence on sealants. Another systematic review of sealant clinical trials, published in August, came to similar conclusions.

Appropriate Use Criteria for Management of Patients with Orthopaedic Implants Undergoing Dental Procedures

Appropriate Use Criteria for Management of Patients with Orthopaedic Implants Undergoing Dental Procedures

New criteria specify when antibiotics are appropriate for dental patients with artificial joints and implants.

Toothpaste is NOT a Waste of Time

Toothpaste is NOT a Waste of Time

A recent review paper about to be published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology by a group of investigators from Amsterdam found that toothbrushing alone may be as effective as toothbrushing with toothpaste in terms of plaque removal.

Dental Caries Management in Children and Adults

Dental Caries Management in Children and Adults

Dental caries continues to be one of the most common chronic diseases globally, with individuals living in poverty and minorities being affected more than their more affluent peers. Interprofessional collaboration with risk assessment and delivery of caries preventive interventions is essential to reduce the burden of dental caries, as it will enhance access to the population groups that suffer disproportionately from this disease process.

FDI Adopts New Definition of 'Oral Health'

FDI World Dental Federation

The FDI World Dental Federation launched a new definition of the term "oral health" during the prelude to its Annual World Dental Congress in Pozńan, designating oral health as an integral part of general health and well-being. FDI World Dental Federation has released a white paper 'Dental Caries Prevention and Management' under the banner of its Caries Prevention Partnership with Colgate. The paper outlines strategies to prevent and manage dental caries through concerted action by oral health professionals, policymakers and the general public.

Role of Dental Hygienists and Therapists

Michaela ONeill

Michaela O'Neill, President of the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT) and IFDH Secretary of the Board of Directors, asks: Are hygienists and therapists playing a more integral role in a successful dental practice?

Peri-Implant Pathology Risk Assessment

Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation

Use the tool to assess the risk of peri-implant pathology. This test, developed by a research group from Portugal, is designed to help predict the risk of peri-implant pathology and provide recall recommendations for a particular case. This assessment should be performed after one year of follow-up in order to exclude early implant failure, and can be repeated at follow-up visits for a continuous evaluation of peri-implant pathology risk.

Understanding the Inter-Relationship Between Periodontitis and Diabetes

Compendium of Continuing Educations in Dentistry

Periodontal disease can impact systemic health through both direct and indirect mechanisms. Of the numerous periodontal-systemic inter-relationships studied, diabetes mellitus has been perhaps the most extensively evaluated. This article discusses the evidence and implications of periodontitis related to type 2 diabetes, focusing on the epidemiology of periodontal disease and diabetes as well as the periodontitis–diabetes continuum. Read the retrospective cohort study reporting on implant survival and risk indicators for excessive marginal bone loss at 5 years. More studies evaluating the outcome of dental implant restorations in diabetics are needed.

Association of Endodontic Lesions with Coronary Artery Disease

Association of Endodontic Lesions with Coronary Artery Disease

An endodontic lesion (EL) is a common manifestation of endodontic infection where Porphyromonas endodontalis is frequently encountered. A study shows that EL may associate with increased risk for coronary artery disease (CAD) via similar pathways as marginal periodontitis.

Patient-Reported Oral Health Outcome Measurement for Children & Adolescents

Patient-Reported Oral Health Outcome Measurement for Children and Adolescents

Oral health is an important component of daily functioning and well-being. A comprehensive patient-reported oral health measure is needed to gauge the impact of oral health status on children and adolescents. This study aims to develop oral health item banks and associated short-form surveys for children and adolescents 2–17 year olds.

Calcium Supplements May Damage Heart

Calcium Supplements May Damage the Heart

Taking calcium in the form of supplements may raise the risk of plaque buildup in arteries and heart damage, although a diet high in calcium-rich foods appears be protective, say researchers at conclusion of their study that analyzed 10 years of medical tests on more than 2,700 people. In a report on the research, published Oct. 10 in the Journal of the American Heart Association, the researchers caution that their work only documents an association between calcium supplements and atherosclerosis, and does not prove cause and effect.

Governments Should Tax Sugary Drinks

Governments Should Tax Sugary Drinks

…to fight the global epidemics of obesity and diabetes, stated the World Health Organization. Based on the report "Fiscal policies for diet and the prevention of noncommunicable diseases."

Benefits, Risks of Therapy with Scaling & Root Planing in Patients with Diabetes

Benefits, Risks of Therapy with Scaling and Root Planing in Patients with Diabetes

Adjunctive therapy may improve the efficacy of SRP in reducing PD in diabetic subjects. However, researchers warned that systemic antibiotic use could lead to long-term bacterial resistance. The results of this study suggest that periodontitis is associated with metabolic syndrome, and that metabolic syndrome prevalence is related to severe periodontitis.

Dental Sealant Use, Untreated Tooth Decay Among Children

CDC Center for Disease Control

School-based dental sealant programs deliver a highly effective intervention to prevent tooth decay in children who might not receive regular dental care; benefits of these programs exceed their costs when they target children at high risk for tooth decay.

Fluoride Varnish: A Resource Guide

Fluoride Varnish: A Resource Guide

This guide provides an annotated list of resources on the use and application of fluoride varnish including materials on data and surveillance; policy; professional education, tools, and training; public education; and state and local program reports. The guide also lists federal agencies, national professional associations, resource centers, and national coalitions that may serve as resources.

Future of Oral Health- Global Challenges, Advances, New Technologies

The Future of Oral Health- Global Challenges, Advances, and New Technologies

The implications of the health-of-mouth to health-of-body connection are profound, and they are prompting tectonic shifts in treatments, technologies, education and policy. Scientific American's The Future of Oral Health examines what happens when the boundaries of the traditional dental-medical divide begin to crumble. As they do, diagnostics and therapeutics proliferate, access improves, and patients receive better care for less cost. That's a future that anyone can get behind.

Editor: Maria Perno Goldie, RDH, BA, MS

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November 4-5: Centre for Advanced Professional Practices (CAPP) 4th Dental Hygienist Day, Part of the 8th Dental-Facial Cosmetic International Conference
Dubai, UAE

November 10-12: Dental Hygienists' Association of Australia Inc (DHAA) National Symposium
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

November 10: Dutch Dental Hygienists' Association (NVM) Pre-Conference in Collaboration with Philips 'Oral Systematic Links; (Healthy) Lifestyle'
Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

November 11: Dutch Dental Hygienists' Association (NVM) Fall Conference, Addicted to…The Dental Hygienist
Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

November 18-19: British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT) 2016 Oral Health Conference & Exhibition
Belfast, Northern Ireland

November 18-19: Italian Dental Hygienists Association's (AIDI) 26th National Congress
Bologna, Italy

November 24: Finnish Association of Dental Hygienists (FADH) Annual Meeting
Helsinki, Finland

November 24-27: Planète Santé
Lausanne, Switzerland

November 30: Malta Annual Dental Conference - Smile for Health XXXIII - Contact for more information
St Julians, Malta

December 8, 8 pm ET (US time): IFDH Education Academy Webinar (FREE): Increasing Health Literacy to Reduce Dental Caries. Are you and your Practice Health Literate?


January 21: German Dental Hygienists Association (DDHV) Annual Congress
University of Wuerzburg, Germany

March 8-9: Conference with Representatives for Local Associations
Near Oslo, Norway

March 20: World Oral Health Day

March 31: Swiss Dental Hygienists and Swiss Society of Oral Implantology Symposium
Olten, Switzerland

April 7: Dutch Dental Hygienists' Association (NVM) - Spring Conference
Rijtuigenloods Amersfoort, The Netherlands

May 18-19: International Conference of Dental Public Health
Nazareth, Israel

May 24: Israeli Dental Hygiene Association (IDHA) Annual Conference
Airport City (East of Tel Aviv), Israel

May 31-June 1: The Norwegian Association of Dental Hygienist Congress
Hamar, Norway

June 2-5: Association of Dental Hygienists in the Slovak Republic (ADHS) Days of Dental Hygiene 2017
Tatars Mountains, Slovak Republic

June 14-20: American Dental Hygienists' Association Center for Lifelong Learning at the 94th Annual Session
Jacksonville, Florida, United States

September 16-18: Japan Society for Dental Hygiene - Contact for more information
Tokyo, Japan

September 29-30: Dutch Dental Hygienists' Association (NVM) 50th Anniversary Congress - 50 years old, Proud to be gold - Time to sparkle
Sugar City, Halfweg, The Netherlands

September (date TBD): European Dental Hygiene Federation (EDHF) Meeting

October 7-8: Association for Oral Health Therapists (Singapore) Asia-Pacific Oral Health Therapy Congress 2017

October 19-21: Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) and the National Center for Dental Hygiene Research & Practice's Translating Knowledge to Action Conference
Ottawa, Canada

November 3-4: Oral Health Conference "More to the Mouth…"
Harrogate, England

November 10-11: Irish Dental Hygienist's Association (IDHA) 30th Anniversary Annual Conference
Dublin, Ireland

November 10-11: Swiss Dental Hygienists Annual Congress
Geneva, Switzerland

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Social Responsibility Award
Text 2 Floss Program
Every Child Has a Toothbrush Program