IFDH Newsletter
July 2016
 Board of Directors

Robyn Watson, RDH, MPA
Rhodes, New S. Wales

President Elect
Corrie Jongbloed-Zoet, RDH

Vice President
Wanda Fedora, RDH
Sydney, Nova Scotia

Mary Rose Pincelli Boglione
Florence, ITALY

Michaela ONeill

 House of Delegates
United States of AmericaUSA

Executive Director
Peter Anas

Membership Director
Laikisha Jeffries

Membership Coordinator
Georgia Anas

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The IFDH President
Robyn Watson
Robyn Watson

Welcome from the New President

Dear Colleagues & Members;

Please read the IFDH President's July Report for the latest information concerning the House of Delegates Meeting, ISDH and activities of the Board of Directors, including:

  • New Board of Directors
  • New Goals for 2016-2019
  • HOD 2016 Business Meeting
  • New Policy Statement
  • Biggest ISDH Symposium ever!
  • Social Responsibility Workshop
  • …and much more

IFDH Celebrates 30 Years - Watch the Video

IFDH Celebrates 30 Years

President JoAnn Gurenlian surprised everyone during the opening of her report with a video highlighting the IFDH 30th Anniversary, showing pictures of the organization over the years, testimonials from several in the industry and a summary of current IFDH programs.

House of Delegates Meet in Lucerne Switzerland

House of Delegates Meet in Lucerne Switzerland
House of Delegates Meet in Lucerne Switzerland

Representatives from 24 countries were represented along with a number of Observers and Individual Members. There are 32 country members in the IFDH, with Singapore ratified as a new member in Lucerne and United Arab Emirates attending for the first time.

The room was filled to capacity! Significant highlights included the voting of the new board, goals set for 2016-19, an update from Korea on plans for the 2019 ISDH in Seoul, the bids and voting for the 2021 ISDH. Dublin, Ireland became the chosen venue for 2021 and much more! See the full report and more pictures.

Welcome to the New Board (2016-19)

Welcome to the New Board (2016-19)

Newly-elected President Robyn Watson, of Australia, said "I would like to express how much I am honoured to serve the IFDH as incoming President and I congratulate and look forward to working with the re-elected Board members:

  • Corrie Jongbloed (Netherlands) as President-Elect;
  • Wanda Fedora (Canada) as Vice President;
  • Mary Rose Pincelli Boglione (Italy) as Treasurer
  • …and our newest board member, Michaela ONeill (UK) as Secretary."

Click for more board info.

Delegates Adopt New Policy

The House of Delegates voted on a policy for the first time in IFDH history to state how we wish the members of the dental hygiene profession to be to be considered by the pubic and other organizations.

"The IFDH supports dental hygienists as health care professionals who are key providers of primary
oral health care preventive and maintenance services.
Dental hygienists may work autonomously and participate with interdisciplinary health care teams to provide total health care to the public across the life span"

Social Responsibility Workshop

2016 House of Delegates Business Meeting
2016 House of Delegates Business Meeting

A full afternoon Social Responsibility Workshop, sponsored by DENTSPLY/Sirona, Colgate and GSK was designed to build awareness amongst the House of Delegates. Speakers from the US (Dr Alice Horowitz of the Horowitz Institute for Health Literacy), and UK (Professor Raman Bedi, Chair of the Global Child Dental Fund and Senior Dental Leaders program) educated those present on health literacy and leadership responsibilities for a successful social responsibility program. This workshop set the stage for delegates to understand their role in supporting social responsibility programs within their respective countries and worldwide.

dentsply sirona preventive
glaxo smith kline

New Goals Established for 2016-2019

During the next three years the new Board of Directors look forward to working on the goals established at the House of Delegates meeting to further enhance the profile of dental hygienists and to showcase the Social Responsibility projects that our international colleagues participate in and aspire to. They Include:

  1. Promote oral health
  2. Increase member benefits
  3. Promote leadership development and advocacy within the Dental Hygiene and Allied Associations
  4. Promote international networking
  5. Promote Social Responsibility Programs
  6. Strengthen and increase corporate partnerships
  7. Build relationships with interdisciplinary associations
  8. Develop a strategic plan
  9. Support the development of the dental hygiene profession, and the dental hygiene undergraduate and post-graduate education internationally

Committee Chairs Named for 2016-2019

Biggest IFDH Symposium (ISDH) Ever!

Biggest IFDH Symposium (ISDH) Ever!
Biggest IFDH Symposium (ISDH) Ever!
Biggest IFDH Symposium (ISDH) Ever!
Biggest IFDH Symposium (ISDH) Ever!
Biggest IFDH Symposium (ISDH) Ever!
Biggest IFDH Symposium (ISDH) Ever!

With 1700 participants, more than 60 exhibitors, numerous oral presentations and 81 posters, the 30th Anniversary ISDH symposium in Basel, Switzerland was a great success! The feedback from participants, exhibitors and sponsors was very positive and thanks go to the Swiss Organizing Committee for presenting such a professional symposium and social activities that were enjoyed by all.

Once again, Mayumi Kaneda of Sunstar Global presented the Sunstar Dental Hygienist Awards to some outstanding and well deserving colleagues at the Gala Dinner at St Jakob stadium.

Other awards were presented for the first time at the opening ceremony to deserving sponsors and the Organizing Committee who had contributed to the IFDH. Along with photos of many of these events, look for the article on the website. The IFDH Facebook page also has further memories of this wonderful event or…

Click here to see many albums on Flickr.

Future ISDH Locations

  • 2019: Seoul, Korea
  • 2021: Dublin, Ireland

See these photos in a slide show.

Member News


dhaa leadership day

The Dental Hygienists Association of Australia has recently undertaken its annual leadership training, with a focus on leading virtual teams. Check out details of our leadership training, and much more in the latest edition of our magazine "The Bulletin". The current issue also includes articles exploring ethical leadership, health promotion activities, infection control, and the impact of a sugar tax. As always, it also includes reports from the states and territories, and an event calendar.

The DHAA are proud to launch a brand new DHAA website. We have invested substantial funds into a new membership database and website, which will facilitate a more responsive connectivity with members, as well as a wider variety of member renewal options, online CPD and registration for events, as well as information for the general public and hygienists worldwide.


The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) launched a television advertisement campaign that ran on various television stations during the week of April 9–15. The ads, in English and French, reached a television audience of 2,230,200 people and were also viewed on YouTube 154,656 times and on Facebook 33,000 times, with a total online audience exceeding 650,000.

During National Dental Hygienists Week, we lit landmarks across Canada in purple to honour the profession, including in Niagara Falls, Niagara Casino, the Welland Bridge, Pelham Arches, the Calgary Tower, High Level Bridge in Edmonton, BC Place and Olympic Cauldron in Vancouver.

Board Lobby Day on Parliament Hill

Advocacy - CDHA was very pleased to attend a meeting with the new Federal Minister of Health to discuss a number of priorities for dental hygienists across the country, including seniors and access to care, electronic cigarettes, CDHA's work with northern and Indigenous communities and community water fluoridation. And CDHA held our annual Board Lobby Day on Parliament Hill. CDHA Board Directors and members of staff met with numerous Members of Parliament throughout the day, educating them on the importance of oral health to overall health and the important role of dental hygienists. In total CDHA and Board members held 23 meetings with elected officials.


Folkemødet - The People's Political Festival - Again this year, the Danish Association of Dental Hygienists (DTP) participated in The People's Political Festival in Denmark, which was held at the island of Bornholm in the beautiful city of Allinge. Represented by the DTP President, the main DTP board, and the secretary general, DTP arranged and carried out three different debates on the subjects: "Malnutrition and the effect on Oral Health", "Elderly Care and Oral care” and "Rehabilitation - be able to brush". The debates, which included participation from experts, union presidents and politicians, were a huge success and they will continue in the years to come with concrete political proposals on national, regional and local levels. See the People's Political Festival website.

Dentists vs. Dental Hygienists - During the last year, DTP has carried out a survey among the Danish municipalities to clarify how many dental hygienists are working in the Danish Municipalities and where they are working with children aged between 0 - 18 years. In the survey, DTP is also comparing the number of dental hygienists to the number of dentists working in the municipalities. The current results of the survey shows that there are still many municipalities in Denmark that have no or very few dental hygienists hired. While these results are not surprising, it proves that not all municipalities in Denmark are familiar with the qualifications and competences of dental hygienists. Many still have the impression that dentists are preferred over dental hygienists. This could partly be explained by the fact that dentists in the municipalities are also placed as head of the oral care sections and therefore could be blocking the way into the local systems for dental hygienists. The task ahead for DTP is to put focus on this issue of few dental hygienists compared to dentists. This will hopefully swift the view on oral health from only treatment to also including prevention and education.


Italian Dental Hygienists Association (AIDI) launched two oral hygiene education projects addressed to people in need because oral health should be for all individuals but there are many people who need to be supported. The first project, "Out of the Mouth to the Heart…How to Stay Healthy", was carried out in collaboration with the Rotary Club and aimed at adults with socio economic difficulties. The AIDI hygienists performed oral hygiene and education sessions to improve their oral conditions. The second project, "At Oral Health School", was organized with the non-profit organization Arkè. The project was held in orphanages and foster homes and was aimed at children and teenagers. They were given oral hygiene lessons and were monitored to check improvements over time.

The goals are to create a new culture in oral health and to decrease the incidence on the population of periodontal disease and caries disease. It is an opportunity for those who don't have one yet, hoping for a domino effect on community.

New Zealand

Family Teeth Matters program moving out to South Auckland, New Zealand

It is exciting to see the Family Teeth Matters program start moving out to South Auckland, New Zealand due to extra business sponsorship for it. This means 10 fewer decile (poorer) schools/preschools can have this preventive program. We have also trained some teachers to take the program out to Vanuatu on the relief ship Pacific Hope. For further information about this preventive dental program, visit the Family Teeth Matters website.


20th International Symposium on Dental Hygiene in Basel, Switzerland

20th International Symposium on Dental Hygiene in Basel, Switzerland - The ISDH 2016 has come and gone - it is with satisfaction and pride that we look back on three unforgettable days in Basel. It was only through the many hours of voluntary work put in by the organizers in charge and the many helpers from our professional association that it proved possible to successfully stage the gigantic ISDH 2016 at all. You can bring your memories of this unique major event back to life here: Click here for the impressions of the ISDH 2016

Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS)

Successful Recertification for Swiss Dental Hygienists - On March 10th, 2016, Swiss Dental Hygienists underwent the audit for the recertification of their NPO Label for Management Excellence by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS). This year's audit was passed with a compliance level of 95.5%, which is the best result ever achieved by a certified organization within the entire German-speaking world. Those in charge of the association can justifiably view this top result as recognition and a reward for all their efforts and untiring work. At the same time, it serves as an incentive for the future: not least in the light of the imminent change in the membership of the Board.

Public Relations - Swiss Dental Hygienists has presented the association on a stand at the following exhibitions: Quadrimed (Congress of General Practitioners), Espoprofessioni (careers fair in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland) and MUBA and LUGA - both big consumer shows. These stands are aimed at informing people about healthy oral hygiene and the position of the dental hygiene profession.

Post-graduate studies in dentistry for the elderly and handicapped - Last year, Swiss Dental Hygienists launched a project for the development of a concept for post-graduate studies in dentistry for the elderly and handicapped. The post-graduate studies will cover six different modules. Currently, clarifications are under way to establish a framework and to find partners for offering the postgraduate studies. The aim is to start the first modules in 2017.

Oral Health News & Research

Fluoride Rinses, Gels and Foams: An Update of Controlled Clinical Trials

Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers

The aim of this conference paper was to systematically review the quality of evidence and summarize the findings of clinical trials published after 2002 using fluoride mouth rinses, fluoride gels or foams for the prevention of dental caries. More information »

Newly Published Manuscripts Enhance Understanding of Immune System

Dental Therapy in the USA

MedImmune, the global biologics research and development arm of AstraZeneca, today announced that it has achieved a significant scientific milestone by publishing three manuscripts in Nature Immunology that advance the understanding of the immune system and highlight underlying mechanisms in two little-understood disease areas — chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

Live Stream the Inside of Your Mouth While You Brush

Live Stream the Inside of Your Mouth While You Brush

Prophix is a toothbrush that lets users watch a live video feed of the inside of their mouth, as they brush their teeth. The WiFi and Bluetooth enabled brush, alongside an iPhone app, lets users stream the feed to a mobile device and track their oral health with photo albums to share with their oral health care professional.

AADR Institutional Section Member Commits To Study Oral Microbiome As Part Of National Microbiome Initiative

Understanding Osteonecrosis of the Jaws (ONJ)

Clear relationships have been established between oral inflammation induced by pathogenic bacteria resident in the oral microbiome, and the exacerbation of systemic diseases that are now known to have a major inflammatory etiology. Although the microbiome and oral immune/inflammatory responses are each well characterized, a clear understanding of how these systems interact in health and disease remains elusive.

Studies Examine How Triclosan Affects the Body


The ADA (5/19) reports that a "study by Poole et al. in the May 2016 issue of mSphere was designed to examine whether use of consumer products," including toothpaste, "would alter gut microbiome composition, endocrine function, and markers for obesity, diabetes, and inflammation."

Cheat Sheet for Women's Cancer Screenings and Good Health

CDC supports screening for breast, cervical, colorectal (colon) and lung cancers as recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. This "cheat sheet" lists the different types of cancer screenings that are available to women.

Study to Investigate Effects of Electronic Cigarettes on Oral Health

Study to Investigate Effects of Electronic Cigarettes on Oral Health

Although electronic cigarettes, that is, battery-powered devices that typically deliver nicotine in the form of an aerosol, have gained breakthrough market share in recent years, the safety of aerosol mixtures emitted by these devices remains largely unknown. Now, New York researchers have received a grant to determine the adverse health effects of e-cigarette use on oral health for the first time.

Read the Latest implants Magazine Online

Read the Latest implants Magazine Online

The DTI continuing education magazines, such as implants, represent the premium segment of the publisher's portfolio and offer a combination of clinical cases, scientific articles, interviews and product reports. The magazines present the most significant developments in the respective fields and are aimed at both specialists and general practitioners. All magazines are made available online via DTI's innovative e-paper tool. E-paper editions are exact digital copies of the DTI print publications. Readers can search and navigate through the e-paper, as well as download and print pages to read offline. In order to promote wide dissemination to our international readership, access to all e-papers is free of charge.

Immediate Aspirin After Mini-Stroke Substantially Reduces Risk of Major Stroke

Immediate Aspirin After Mini-Stroke Substantially Reduces Risk of Major Stroke

Using aspirin urgently could substantially reduce the risk of major strokes in patients who have minor 'warning' events. Medical researchers say that immediate self-treatment when patients experience stroke-like symptoms would considerably reduce the risk of major stroke over the next few days.

Scully's Handbook of Medical Problems in Dentistry

Scully's Handbook of Medical Problems in Dentistry

Scully's Handbook of Medical Problems in Dentistry Highlights the main points of human diseases and their relevance to oral healthcare in a practical way. Gives particular focus on areas that are of major concern to dentistry and oral healthcare e.g. allergies, bleeding tendencies, endocrine disorders - especially diabetes - gravid patients, hepatitis and other transmissible diseases, and malignant disease. Explains the process of risk assessment, pain and anxiety control, patient access and positioning, treatment modification and drug use.

The Oral-Systemic Link: Connecting Your Practice - Free ebook

The Oral-Systemic Link: Connecting Your Practice - Free ebook

The concept that oral health may be the “key missing piece to overall health” has received increasing attention by stakeholders in healthcare. As our dental practices move toward a new model, as consultative health partners to our patients, we have the opportunity to implement exciting new programs to communicate these health correlations to and motivate our patients.

Does Lung Cancer Have a Gender Bias?

Does Lung Cancer Have a Gender Bias?

Recently, the American Lung Association surveyed 1,000 American women to learn their perceptions about which cancers impact women. One cancer in particular was barely a blip on their radar: lung cancer, the number-one cancer killer of American women.

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July 22-23: New Zealand Dental Hygienists' Association 24th Annual General Meeting
New Plymouth, New Zealand

September 17-19: Japan Society of Dental Hygiene (JSDH) Annual Academic Meeting. (Email for more information: gakkai@idha.or.jp)
Hiroshima, Japan

September 30: Danish Association of Dental Hygienists' Annual National Professional Conference

October 7: Finland Training Day for Dental Hygienists
Jyväskylä, Finland

October 7-8: Fiji Oral Health Workers Association National Conference. (Email for more information: penionir@gmail.com)
The Pearl Resort, SUVA, FIJI

October 21-23: XXVIII Congreso Nacional HIDES 2016
Santander, Spain

October 14-15: Irish Dental Hygienists Annual Scientific Conference
County Cork, Ireland

November 4-5: Centre for Advanced Professional Practices (CAPP) 4th Dental Hygienist Day, Part of the 8th Dental-Facial Cosmetic International Conference
Dubai, UAE

November 10: Dutch Dental Hygienists' Association (NVM) Pre-conference in collaboration with Philips 'Oral Systematic Links; (healthy) lifestyle'
Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

November 11: Dutch Dental Hygienists' Association (NVM) Fall Conference, Hooked on…the dental hygienist!
Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

November 10-12: Dental Hygienists' Association of Australia Inc (DHAA) National Symposium
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

November 18-19: Italian Dental Hygienist Association 26th National Congress
Bologna, Italy

November 18-19: British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT) 2016 Oral Health Conference & Exhibition
Belfast, Northern Ireland

November 24: Finnish Association of Dental Hygienists (FADH) Annual Meeting
Helsinki, Finland

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