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IFDH Forum Summit

The International Federation of Dental Hygienists

Global Oral Health Summit

June 26, 2021

The Future Together:

Enhancing the Role of the Dental Hygienist in Oral Health & Total Health

IFDH 35th Anniversary

To start its 35th Anniversary activities, the International Federation of Dental Hygienists presents the 2021 IFDH Global Oral Health Summit, a virtual event, featuring influential worldwide leaders and stakeholders in Oral Health, Public Health, Education, Research, Public Policy and Industry - collaborating on the role of the Dental Hygienist in the "oral health team" and the "multi-disciplinary team."

Considering the burden of oral health diseases and their economic impact globally, we will explore how the Dental Hygienist and our Member Organizations, can contribute to reduce this ordeal.

SCE Credits Certificate Provided

This will be an exciting event, that is sure to leave
a significant and long-lasting impact on the lives of
all Dental Hygienists attending from around the world.

Presented over 2 Sessions

To accommodate our members from 35+ Dental Hygienist organizations around the world & across many time zones, we've made it easier for you to participate:

  • 3.5-Hour Pre-Recorded Session:
    Watch this session on your own schedule (after June 10th)
    • After watching the pre-recorded session of all speakers, send us your questions to be answered during the live session below!
  • 1.5-Hour Live Chat:
    Saturday June 26, 10 am ET USA, 4 pm CET
    • Attend virtually, to watch & engage in the exciting roundtable exchange of ideas and perspectives of all speakers.
Be a part of these unique perspectives on Dental Hygiene, Oral Health & Total Health!

Top Global Leaders & Perspectives Invited:

  • ACFF: Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future
  • EOHF: European Oral Health Platform
  • EOHP: European Oral Health Platform
  • FDI: World Dental Federation
  • IADR: International Association of Dental Research
  • IFDH: International Federation of Dental Hygienists
  • WHO: World Health Organization
  • Top Industry Executives of global Oral Health companies

…and chaired by IFDH.

Topics for Discussion (preliminary)
  • ORAL HEALTH: Who is doing what on improving oral health for Children, Adults and Seniors and where is it headed?
  • EDUCATION: What is the proper education for hygienists and therapists? How do we adapt the role of the hygienist/therapist for national needs, noting the worldwide differences?
  • RESEARCH: What direction is research moving for disease prevention and the link between systemic health and oral health?
  • PUBLIC POLICY: Understanding key oral health policy issues around the world, health economic aspects and the role we all can play.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: What initiatives are underway, by individuals, organizations and government, and is it too much or not enough?

Be a part of these unique views on Oral Health!

From this Global Oral Health Summit,
will evolve a multi-faceted statement
on the importance of
the Dental Hygienist'’'s role in one's overall health,
& promoted in all of our 35+ countries.


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