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March 3: German Dental Hygienists Association (DDHV) - Congress, German Dental Hygienists Association
University of Wuerzburg, Germany

March 13: Association of the Israeli Dental Association (IDHA) - Women's Day
Tel Aviv, Israel

March 19-25: Dutch Dental Hygienists Association (NVM) Dutch Dental Hygienists Week
The Netherlands

March 20: Association of Dental Hygienists in the Slovak Republic (ADHS) - Day of Oral Health
Banska Distrist, Slovakia

March 23: Association of Dental Hygienists in the Slovak Republic (ADHS) - Conference for Dentists, Dental Nurses and Dental Hygienists
Piestany, Slovakia

April 6: Assocation of Dental Hygienists Czech Rupublic (ADH CR) - Annual ADH CR Conference for Dental Hygienists
Prague, Czech Republic

April 7-13: National Dental Hygienists Week™

April 13-14: Finnish Association of Dental Hygienists (FADH) - Annual Training Days for Dental Hygienists
Helsinki, Finland

May 4-5: Association Italian Dental Hygienists (AIDI) - Spring Meeting
Rome, Italy

May 7: Association of the Israeli Dental Association IDHA - Annual National Dental Hygiene Conference
Airport city Convention Center near Ben Guiron Airport

March 23-25: Australian Dental andOral Health Therapists Assoc. Inc. (ADOHTA) - Leadership Conference
Hobart, Australia

May 25-27: Association of Dental Hygienists in the Slovak Republic ADHS - Days of Dental Hygiene
Piestany, Slovakia

June 20-25: American Dental Hygienists Association (ADHA) Annual Conference
Columbus, OH, United States

July 20-21: New Zealand Dental Hygienists Association /New Zealand Dental & Oral Health Therapists (Nzdha/Nzdohta) Annual Conference - Soaring to New Heights, Achieving equity.
Christchurch, New Zealand

Aug 16: Swiss Dental Hygienists - Start post-graduate studies in Geronto Dental Hygiene
Bern, Switzerland

Sept 15-17: Japan Dental Hygienists Association - The 13th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Dental Hygiene
Fukuoka City, Japan

September 21-22: Association Italian Dental Hygienists (AIDI) - Autumn Meeting
Riva del Garda, Italy

September 25: Russian Society of Dental Hygienists - The Congress of Dental Hygienists
Moscow, Russia

September 27-29: ADOHTA International Conference "Exploring the Possibilities"
Hobart Tasmania, Australia

September 28: Danish Dentists - Fagkonference (Annual Dental Hygienists Conference
Korsor, Denmark

October 18-20: DHAA Symposium
Cairns Convention Centre, Far North Queensland, Australia n

October 19-21: Federation of Spanish Hygienists - National Congress of Hides
Murcia, Spain

October 28: Training day for DH's: Occlusal Dysfunction - How can we help our patients?

November 9: Swiss Dental Hygienists - Annual Meeting of Swiss Dental Hygienists
St. Gallen, Switzerland

November 9-10: Swiss Dental Hygienists - Annual Congress of Swiss Dental Hygienists
St. Gallen, Switzerland

November 9-10: Irish Dental Hygienists Association (IDHA) - Annual Scientific Conference - CHANGES AHEAD
Athlone, Ireland

November 16-17: Italian Dental Hygienists Association (ADI) - National Congress
Bologna, Italy

November 23: Annual Meeting of FADH
Helsinki, Finland

November 23-24: The British Society of Dental Hygiene & Therapy (BSDHT) - Oral Health Conference
Telford, UK

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